Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro review: Mi 10T Pro Latest Price in Pakistan 2020

Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro review
Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro review

Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro review: Mi 10T Pro Latest Price in Pakistan 2020

Xiaomi Mi 10T latest price in Pakistan is 90,0000

Sometimes I get the impression that when I open the refrigerator, instead of eating, I find several products from Xiaomi. Don’t get me wrong – I use several devices of this brand privately and really appreciate them. The brand dominates many of today’s technology industry segments. Therefore, I happily took up the review of the Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro smartphone. Mi 10T Pro is a very interesting gadget “on paper” that gives the impression of a finished device. However, is the first impression correct? Let’s figure it out!

Design and appearance

 The first impression is that the phone is quite large. Despite the bezel-less design, the 6.67-inch screen means people with small hands will have to look elsewhere. The upward trend in mobile device size is something I personally don’t welcome, and I hope other manufacturers follow Apple’s experience and understand that a powerful smartphone doesn’t have to be the size of a saucepan. The body consists of Gorilla Glass 5 and aluminum.

The quality of materials and their combination is at the best level. There is nothing to complain about – the flagship? that’s all. The Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro smartphone has a flat screen and a rounded back – this increases ergonomics and makes the device comfortable in the hand. It is pleasant to hold and quite comfortable to use, although – for me the gadget is still too large.

 The USB-C port is located at the bottom of the smartphone, next to it is a speaker, microphone and a tray for two cards in the nanoSIM format. The fingerprint scanner is located to the right of the wake-up button – above it is the volume rocker. The left side frame of the device is completely empty. There is an infrared port and a microphone at the top. The body is cut through by seven stripes of antennas – their color is much darker, therefore visible, however, they are necessary for the proper operation of high-speed communication.

Attention is drawn to the unusual design of the camera module – the main lens stands out – it is much larger than the others and is located in the central part. The lens’ capabilities are underlined by the proud 108MP Camera inscription. The module itself protrudes above the surface of the case, which leads to extremely low comfort of use on a flat surface.

Even the silicone transparent case included in the kit does not help – in this regard, only a really thick case would improve ergonomics, but no one wants to put it on an already large and relatively thick smartphone. Although the weight of the device is not small, it does not bother you in everyday use. It is worth noting that the design does not boast a waterproof certification, and this is the first moment where the Mi 10T Pro starts to differ from similar devices. I believe that water resistance is one of the characteristics that potential new owners appreciate – unfortunately, it is not here.

Smartphone screen

Although the Mi 10T Pro uses an LCD display, I’m not going to complain – the screen, which takes up about 85% of the front panel, has a density of 395 ppi and a resolution of 2400 x 1080 pixels. What sets the panel of the tested Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro apart from the competition is its high refresh rate – the device can operate at 144Hz, which guarantees perfect smoothness during games or other entertainment that requires it.

The update works in an adaptive mode designed to reduce battery consumption – the value will adapt to current operating conditions. In other words, it will turn on when needed. On the front panel, or rather? in the upper left corner, there is a cutout for the camera in the form of a small circle – the frames at the top and bottom are noticeably thicker than the side ones. The screen is pleasing to the eye. Excellent contrast, pleasing rich colors and high brightness create the best user experience. Blacks are not faded when the density is quite high.

 In the device settings on the display tab, we can adjust the brightness level, turn on the reading mode (reduce the amount of blue light), here it is also possible to choose suitable colors or take advantage of the dark mode. Here we also find the options for adjusting the refresh rate – where we decide whether we want to use high (144 Hz), medium (90 Hz) or standard (60 Hz) frequency. For the testing period, I had the maximum mode turned on.

The fluidity of the animation is great and grabs the attention of anyone who has used a device with a lower refresh rate before. The feature certainly compensates to some extent for the lack of an OLED screen – in return, we get a very smooth image in almost any situation.

Mi 10T Pro cameras

 The main camera module of Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro, at first glance, I really liked, it is unusual and attracts the attention of others. However, it protrudes above the surface of the rear, which spoils the whole effect. When I wanted to use my smartphone on a flat table surface, I immediately found it inconvenient and sometimes annoying.

If we focus on the appearance – the largest peephole of the main camera, surrounded by a silvery shiny frame, is decorated with the inscription – 108MP CAMERA. Below, in two rows, the manufacturer placed the rest of the system. There is an ultra-wide 13-megapixel camera with 2.4 aperture and 123-degree viewing angle, as well as a 5-megapixel macro camera with f / 2.4 and flash. The application is simple and intuitive, it looks just like any other Xiaomi model.

At the top, we have access to flash, HDR, AI, beauty mode and the “more” tab – here we will adjust the aspect ratio, we can use the self-timer, grid and level, enable background blur or macro mode. At the bottom, there is access to a menu with many camera modes – Pro, Video or Portrait. When we go to the More tab, we’ll see 108MP mode, slow motion or the ability to use both cameras simultaneously.

Night mode is also here – thankfully, the menus can be edited so that the most commonly used options are within thumb’s reach. Below there is a simple control center – here we find the thumbnail of the last photo taken, the shutter button and the switch between the front and rear cameras. Professional mode allows you to manually control all parameters. You can adjust the white balance, ISO, or shutter speed for your own well-thought-out final effect.

The Photo tab allows you to use ultra-wide-angle (0.6X) and wide-angle (1X) cameras, as well as 2x digital zoom of the photographed scene (2X). In portrait mode, there are several options for lighting the subject, adjusting the amount of background blur, and controlling the intensity of the digital artificial decoration.

System and software

The Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro runs Android 10 with MIUI 12.0.6 overlay. During testing, an update was released to the latest version. The default control with function buttons (as experience has shown) is a feature of all Xiaomi smartphones. Fortunately, you can change it to more comfortable, intuitive gestures. The device menu is flat – all applications are located on slide-out screens, which we can access by swiping to the left. The Google Widget module, which slides out on the left, displays the articles of interest and current weather data.

Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro Battery

The feature that most users are most interested in when choosing a new smartphone is battery life. Let me remind you that Mi 10T Pro is equipped with a screen with a high refresh rate, and this feature consumes a lot of power. Tests were carried out with the 144 Hz option enabled – turning it off should have a positive effect on energy use.

Should you buy?

Who is the Mi 10T Pro for? For fans of the brand who love big smartphones, and those who do not need induction and water resistance. The device offers a range of interesting technologies with several modern solutions, and who knows, maybe this is exactly the device you are looking for.


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