Xiaomi Black Shark 3- Review, price in Pakistan (September, 2020)

Xiaomi Black Shark 3- Review, price in Pakistan (September, 2020)
Xiaomi Black Shark 3- Review, price in Pakistan (September, 2020)

Xiaomi Black Shark 3- Review, price in Pakistan (September, 2020)

  1. Black Shark 3 price in pakistan 2020: 129,406
  2. Black shark 3 price in usd: $780
  3. PTA Tax on Black shark 3: 41,000

The Black Shark 3 is again a super-equipped gaming phone. With a high-performance processor, a lot of RAM, a good graphics unit and a lot of battery, it will convince the gamer scene for itself. Everyone who likes to play in their free time or who needs a lot of power on their smartphone will be happy with the Black Shark 3 with its futuristic design.

Extraordinary gaming experience

The Snapdragon 865 provided the Black Shark 3 with the best performance. This processor clocks at a speed of up to 2.84 gigahertz and thus achieves top values ​​that only the 865 Plus can top in the Android range. So even demanding games can be played without problems or waiting times. The Adreno 660 is included as the graphics unit and ensures that everything runs smoothly.

There is also enough memory with eight gigabytes . This means that the Black Shark 3 can keep up with some computers and it is almost impossible for this smartphone to be overloaded by normal activities. The internal memory is 128 gigabytes and is sufficient for many games, music and videos. Unfortunately, the internal storage cannot be expanded and if storage space problems arise, a cloud must be used.

Back loading in no time

The battery of the Black Shark 3 is generously sized with 4720 mAh . You can play with it for several hours without having to look for the charging cable. The smartphone is then charged with 65 watts via Quick Charge ! This means that the charging time is less than an hour and half of the battery should be restored after just 12 minutes!

The Black Shark 3 can now also be charged via the four pins on the back. This charging option is ideal while you are playing, as you don’t have a cable on either side and you can hold the phone with both hands. If you prefer to charge your smartphone via the USB-C port, you can find it on the underside as usual.

Unconventional design

It is obvious that the design of the Black Shark 3 is very different from ordinary smartphones. It becomes an eye-catcher and shines in its elegant black X design . In the middle of the X is the Black Shark logo. In the upper triangle there is a triple camera and in the lower one there is the new charging port and other logos. Thanks to the X-shaped design, the smartphone is easy to hold. It’s a bit slimmer in the middle and you can hold it so well with one hand.

The display has an impressive size of 6.67 inches. If that’s not enough for you, you might get your money’s worth with the Pro version , which comes with 7.1 inches. In both versions, however, you can look forward to a 90-Hertz display . This high refresh rate supports the gaming experience and simple things like scrolling through Instagram become much more pleasant and fluid.

A fast sampling rate is also required for gaming and Black Shark has also taken this into account with this smartphone. With 270 Hertz , latency times are minimized and the touch of the screen is processed immediately. The AMOLED display resolves in Full HD + and shows all content in great detail. A large color space is guaranteed by HDR10 + .

All good things come in threes

On the back there is a triple camera, also arranged as a triangle, in the upper triangle . The camera does not differ from the Pro version and also has a 64 megapixel lens as the main sensor . The aperture is f / 1.8 and a lot of light falls on the lens. This gives you beautiful and bright pictures, even if the lighting conditions are not so good.

The second lens in the group is a wide-angle sensor with a resolution of 13 megapixels . The shooting angle is a full 120 ° and thus gets a lot more content on the photo. The third sensor is a depth sensor.

 This means that you cannot take your own photos with it, but it supports the other lenses in the recording by collecting depth information and providing the photos with the appropriate background blur. This is a nice gain, especially with portraits, as they look very professional and of high quality.

The front camera is in the small edge that is above the screen. So no notch disturbs the gaming experience on the big screen. The photos are taken with 20 megapixels and are therefore very detailed.

Gaming and Features

The smartphone can be unlocked very easily using the fingerprint sensor in the display . This means that all data is protected from unauthorized hands, but can be reached quickly with your own fingerprint.

There is also a 3.5 mm jack socket to which headphones can be connected. So you have the choice which type of headphones you want to connect. Whether jack, USB-C or Bluetooth, everything is possible here.

When smartphones have to provide a lot of power, for example when playing games, parts of the smartphone often heat up significantly. Fortunately, this is not the case with the Black Shark 3. There is a liquid cooling system here that distributes the heat quickly and in a controlled manner so that the smartphone cools down quickly. The Pro version even has mechanical shoulder buttons, which unfortunately you have to do without in the basic version.

Black shark 3 Summary

Of course, you don’t have to do without an optimal connection to the Internet. The X design was also implemented here and there are four antennas each for WLAN 6 and 5G . This keeps you connected even when your hands are over some of the antennas. 

There is also the option of a two-channel connection , with which you are connected to WiFi and 5G at the same time and the best and most stable Internet connection is always selected. So nothing stands in the way of online gaming!

Black Shark also builds excellent gaming smartphones and with the Black Shark 3 and 3 Pro they were able to show what a smartphone can do in 2020. A fast processor, a lot of RAM, interesting loading options and a large display with a high sampling rate ensure a unique gaming experience.


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