Why Google Pixel 3 is the best smartphone at the moment?

Why Google pixel 3 is getting popularity? We have listed some dominant features of this phone that are the main reason behind its hype.

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Why Google Pixel 3 is the best smartphone at the moment?

Turn your hand on Google latest smartphone: Google Pixel 3

Google Pixel 3 price 2019: Rs.101, 000

Why Google Pixel 3 is leading the market?

Since the launch of Google Pixel 1, Google has done something quite good in improving its smartphone technology. With an encompassing mobile technology, every phone manufacturing company wants to take an edge to divert the user attention to their product. You might have seen that all latest smartphones are coming with a true embodiment of interior and exterior beauty.  Google pixel 3 has followed something extra. It is not beast in performance only, but outclasses any phone with its features and beauty at the same price range.

Top features of Google pixel 3

Childish Gambino Playmoji pack

It is best thing one can find in Google Pixel 3, anyone who loves to play with mojis, this is the superb phone that will give you an amazing experience of playmoji that will make your time with some real fun.

Premium class cameras installed on front and main side

With dual pixel camera of 12.2, Google pixel 3 is a gift for camera lovers. Making your moments close to reality, it enables you to capture any shot in high quality. Similarly it has dual front cameras of 8 mega pixels.  The most exciting part of this phone is it provides ultra HD video recording on both fronts. You will notice that, this feature lacks in superior class latest phones even. Moreover, you can enjoy unlimited online storage. No worries about ssd card or saving option. Just secure your videos and photos for life time.

A new way to charge smartphone- Google Pixel 3 wireless charging

It is not about fast battery charging, Google pixel 3 is not only adaptive, but provides quick wireless charging. Its wireless charging stand is a bonus that frees you from wired charging limitation.

Google Assistance is on your finger tips with Google Pixel 3

Hi Google is here to make your routine schedule Hi fi, just set a “to do” list with Google Assistance, it will remind you in soothing way.

Turning world into imaginative playground

Google pixel 3 is quite fun. Just play with playmoji with animated stickers. Make any notion, playmoji will react in an amazing way.


Google Pixel 3 is a phone with full of new features and creative opportunities. You might be comparing it with other phones in specifications, but just one time compare it with any phone the features it is providing. No match for Google pixel 3 in customization and creativity.


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