Why does the battery run out quickly of smartphone?

Why does the battery run out quickly of smartphone
Why does the battery run out quickly of smartphone

Why does the battery run out quickly of smartphone?

The battery runs out without using it: find out why?

There are many factors and reasons that can affect the battery life of our smartphones. However, if the components of the mobile phone are not damaged or the charging cycles are running out, there are some precautions that we can have in order to extend its duration.
Let’s start by clarifying immediately that the two components that most consume the battery are certainly the screen and the processor. In fact, due to some faulty or badly programmed application, the processor could always remain active and in this way consume a lot of charge quickly.

The battery runs out suddenly – what can we do?

The first thing that should be done if we realize that the battery lasts much shorter than before is to set a power saving mode. In this way we will be able to keep the display active for a shorter duration. Perhaps, it would be advisable to set the automatic shutdown after a few seconds of inactivity and not after a few minutes. 

Set the brightness, albeit slightly, to lower levels than we are used to.
You won’t need to waste a lot of time to make these kinds of changes. In fact, they are really very simple and quick to put into practice. As for turning off the screen, just go to the settings, then click in the Display subfolder and set the automatic shutdown timer there.

The battery runs out quickly: tips to avoid it

The way to be able to lower the brightness is even easier. The operation to be done is the following. Just pull down, from top to bottom, the curtain of your smartphone, where there are also the settings for activating the data connection and how to use the smartphone. Lower, through the appropriate bar, the percentage of brightness of your screen.

How to understand which app is draining the battery?

In addition to these small tricks we should proceed to analyze the smartphone. It is important to understand if there are applications that, by remaining open or running automatically, affect battery consumption. There are various systems to monitor this situation. The first is the “battery optimization” function implemented on the Android 6 operating system. So, surely, it will be present on latest generation smartphones such as Samsung S10 , Huawei P30 Pro and all smartphones that have this operating system in its variants.
This function, in fact, puts the mobile phone in energy saving mode. Furthermore, it hibernates all applications that are open or that work in the background when we go to turn off the screen in our smartphone. To find the battery optimization we have to go to settings and then to Battery. Tapping the “options” button at the top right will open the list of all the apps installed on the device. 

Here, you will be able to check those apps for which the power saving function is disabled. Consequently we could activate it where necessary while deactivating it on some application that we want to work in a normal way always or because, in power saving mode, it would not work as it should.

Android battery drains fast: how to fix?

If you own a smartphone with an Android version prior to 6, you won’t necessarily have to change the operating system. You simply need to download the Doze application. This app will allow you to implement the same “Battery Optimization” options on your device.

Another application that consumes a lot of energy and which however cannot be deleted as it is essential for the functioning of our smartphone is Google Play Services. All Google services are connected to this application such as Gmail, Drive, Google Photos, Calendar, Google Now, Ok Google and much more. Although it is essential, we can do something to limit the damage. We can try to reduce consumption by trying to eliminate some settings.

 For example, the daily automatic backup of some applications we don’t care about can be deleted. As well as the synchronization of all the other applications through the Autosync app which allows you to activate and deactivate it at will and depending on the battery charge we have. We can disable Ok Google and Google Now,

In this period, then, with the onset of cold weather, we also recommend that you keep your smartphone warm. Otherwise, even in this case, consumption will be higher. This is because even low temperatures negatively affect battery life. These are some small steps that will surely save a lot of battery.


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