What is WiPhone – Why it is perfect for hackers?

do you want a phone which should be in your control completely? Read how WiPhone enables programmers and hackers to carry any activity with customizable programming.

wi phone

Read how WiPhone secures your digital privacy?

What is WiPhone?

WiPhone is a kind of open source phone which comes with multiple functions like; you can make voice calls, it is cheap, modular, and hackable. It delivers a simple adaptability. The smartphones we use now days are dismantled for customization. You have to use it as it is built on factory root system; no modifications can be done.

 What are the specifications of WiPhone?

  • It has ESP32 dual core wireless modules
  • 700 milliAmpere hour battery
  • 4 Megabytes of pseudo static RAM
  • 16 Megabytes of Flash memory
  • Programmable buttons- programming is carried through Arduino, python or C++
  • Headers are set to connect ADC board, PWM, UART, 12c, and SPI
  • Weight is 80 grams

How smartphones are breaching our privacy?

Latest smartphones are set to secure our data whether we take pictures, send messages or make calls, various tracking networks and government intelligence networks keep an eye on your activities. It is simple that smartphone own you actually. You only pay to companies to let them steal your privacy.

Why WiPhone is best for engineers and hackers?

WiPhone is a device that comes with various features and the top one is- it allows engineers and hackers to construct their own prototype on the back of the phone. It is equipped with pinouts with easy disassembly that can be done in less than one minute. It looks great tool to carry customized programming that is not done by contemporary smartphones. Its operating firmware is extremely easy to understand even a motivated person can learn it within no time.

What is free calling feature of WiPhone?

WiPhone works differently as compared to other smartphones. It works on existing working WiFi networks around you. It is quite simple; just buy it and starting making unlimited free HD voice calls.

On which networks WiPhone works?

WiPhone works on:

  • Broadband WiFi networks
  • Home-based WiFi networks

You can upgrade its firmware and also customize its programming to do the things you require.

For whom WiPhone is perfect for?

We want a phone which is completely in our control. No one can breach it. But unfortunately, modern smartphones have invaded our privacy badly. Whether you know or do not, we continuously share our everything with these networks unconsciously. WiPhone provides you a space that is under your control. No one can harm your privacy.

WiPhone is perfect for:

  • Who wants to load his/her own firmware
  • Engineers wants to expand hardware
  • Hackers who want easy modifications

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