What is used mobile phones’ price in Pakistan in 2021?

used mobile phones’ price

What is used-mobile phones’ price in Pakistan in 2021?

The price table of used-phones in Pakistan in 2021:

                 Brand               Price
Samsung A32            28,399 Rs.
Samsung Galaxy S10           42,500 Rs.
iPhone xs           65, 000 Rs.
iPhone 8           39,999 Rs.
iPhone X 256 GB           70, 000 Rs.
Apple iPhone 12 pro          174,000 Rs.
Oppo reno 5 Pro            68,500 Rs.
Oppo A1 K          10,500 Rs.
Oppo F5           10,000 Rs.
Vivo 1811          13,500 Rs.
Vivo y20s          25, ooo Rs.
Huawei Y9 2021           21,000 Rs.

The original value of the above used-phones in Pakistan 2021:

                Brand               Price
Samsung A3241,999 Rs.
Samsung Galaxy S10139,9990 Rs.
iPhone xs141,999 Rs.
iPhone 8108,610 Rs.
iPhone X 256 GB179,999 Rs.
Apple iPhone 12 pro212,499 Rs.
Oppo reno 5 Pro104,999 Rs.
Oppo A1 K16,999 Rs.
Oppo F531,899 Rs.
Vivo 181127,999 Rs.
Huawei Y9 202131,999 Rs.

Nowadays everyone loves to have an elegant and trendy smartphone as it has become a fashion to look unique. Moreover, people think that this is the best thing to show off their status.

But most of them can’t afford the real worth of popular brands. That’s why they prefer to purchase used-phones as it really helps to enjoy the luxury life even on a suitable budget.

Today we will discuss whether old smartphones worth any attractive value as well as the prices of second-hand mobiles so that you can get your favorite smartphone easily.

So, let’s check out! 

Are old mobile phones worth any money?

Definitely yes, your used and old phones have great worth but only if they are of some popular and reliable brands such as;

  • Samsung.
  • Apple iPhone.
  • Huawei.
  • Oppo.
  • Lenovo.
  • Nokia and many more.

You can get good money by selling the used-phones of all these popular brands. Moreover, most collectible items, the rarer mobiles in a better condition will also fetch huge money for you.

But for achieving their best prices your used mobile phones must be in a decent condition.

Which mobile is most selling in Pakistan?

In fact, according to the original facts 2021, the top-selling smartphone brands in Pakistan are:

  1. Samsung
  2. Huawei
  3. Apple
  4. Oppo
  5. Vivo
  6. Infinix
  7. Realme.

They are highly popular in Pakistan and you can also get their second-hand mobiles from a reliable dealer. Furthermore, “Phone Bech Dou” is the ideal website that represents used mobile price in Pakistan 2021 in detail.

So, for having an idea about used-phone prices it can guide you in the right way.

With the help of the above tables, you can see that there is a huge price difference between the original and used-phones. That’s why people usually prefer to purchase used-mobile phones as compared to brand new mobiles.

Purchasing mobiles without a warranty helps to get the same elegance but at a low price. Moreover, when you buy a smartphone without any warranty, it may get some disadvantages. But when you purchase them from a reliable dealer, it really helps you to get the same fun but low in cost.

Moreover, Phonebechdou is the only trustable online website for used-mobile price in Pakistan 2021?


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