What is the price of android used phones in Pakistan 2021?

price of android used phones
price of android used phones

What is the price of android used phones in Pakistan 2021?

In fact, people often get confused in order to differentiate between Android phones and smartphones. Basically, it is very easy to differentiate because all android phones are Smartphones.

But it is not necessary that all Smartphones are android based, they may be android based or not. Actually, Android is a special Operating System (OS) that is used in smartphones.

We will not only discuss operating systems for smartphones but their price in Pakistan 2021. Moreover, you will also get the android based second-hand mobile price in Pakistan 2021.

So, let’s start!

How many types of operating systems for Smartphones are?

In fact, there are many operating systems that are working inside our smartphones.

These are:

  • Android OS (Google Inc.)
  • BlackBerry OS (Research In Motion)
  • Bada (Samsung Electronics)
  • iPhone OS / iOS (Apple)
  • Symbian OS (Nokia)
  • MeeGo OS (Nokia and Intel)
  • Palm OS (Garnet OS)
  • webOS (Palm/HP).

Hence, android is actually an Operating System (OS) just like many other Operating Systems.

Is Samsung an Android phone?

Yes! all the smartphones and tablets of Samsung use the Android operating system. Furthermore, the Android operating system has actually designed by Google.

What types of phones are Android?

The other phones that use Android operating systems are:

  1. Google Pixel 4a.
  2. Google Pixel 4a 5G
  3. OnePlus 9
  4. OnePlus 9 Pro
  5. Moto G Power (2021)
  6. Samsung Galaxy S21
  7. The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra
  8. Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and many more.

The android phones are one of the best smartphones as well as they are reliable. All the above smartphones are the most reliable android phones in 2021.

You can even rely on the used-phones of the android version because they are durable.

What is the second-hand android mobile price in Pakistan 2021?

Here is a helpful used mobile price in Pakistan 2020 for you so you can easily purchase a good second-hand mobile.

Let’s get started!

MobileOriginal price (with warranty)Second-hand price
Infinix Note 827,499 Rs.20,900 Rs.
Xiaomi Redmi 9T27,999 Rs.16,500 Rs.
Xiaomi POCO M326,399 Rs.14,500 Rs.
Oppo A3123,100 Rs.13, 000 Rs.
Vivo Y3028,999 Rs.13,500 Rs.
Tecno Camon 16 SE24,599 Rs.17,500 Rs.
Realme 6i29,999 Rs.16,000 Rs.
Nokia 5.431,999 Rs.14,500 Rs.

What is the Samsung Galaxy S20 plus used mobile price in Pakistan 2021?

The original price of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Plus in Pakistan is 187, 999 Rs. Moreover, if you can’t afford this price then you can also get its used-phone because the used mobile price in Pakistan 2021 is quite affordable.

So, you can also purchase it at the reasonable price of 103,999 Rs.

What will be the price of oppo used mobile price in Pakistan 2021?

Basically, the original value of the Oppo base variant comes with 4GB of RAM, and 128GB of internal storage is 31,999. But oppo used mobile price in Pakistan will be 30,700 Rs.

What is online second-hand mobile shopping?

In fact, you can easily buy a second-hand mobile phone as it is not a bad idea for low-budget customers. Moreover, you can get them from a reliable dealer as well as can get by online second-hand mobile shopping.

It is very simple and you can deal with an online mobile shipping company on your mobile and can buy a smartphone at a reasonable price.


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