What is graphical processing unit (GPU) – how does it work?

why your phone should have good graphic card to play latest Android games? Read this beginners’ guide to understand the function of GPU in your smartphone.

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A complete guide to understand role of your phone’s gpu to play most popular mobile games


Graphic process unit has become an integral component of today’s computer and mobile hardware system. Since previous 8-9 years every computer or mobile manufacturing company is focusing on its graphic level integration that supports high quality graphical working. Understanding the demand of buyers, installing advance gpu has become the priority that every manufacturing company is striving to meet this gap.  Whether it is a low cost smartphone or a premium phone, loading phone with decent graphic card is important to execute some of the most complex mobile applications used for various purposes. Moreover, as compare to older times gpu, latest gpus are capable enough to carry parallel algorithms with supportive hardware.

What is a Graphic Processing Unit (GPU)?

In simple words, GPU is a hardware that generates 2D and 3D images to support various visual-based applications such as pictures, videos with different coding, games, and various visual applications. As we are talking about the latest GPUs being used in Android smartphones have massive capacity to execute highly multithreaded computing in seconds. It is a unified hardware that performs both purposes: scalable parallel computing and programmable graphic processing.

Why a GPU is an important part in smartphones?

Games and other visual rendering apps are built on very complex mathematics. To carry these equations and procedure, mobile device require a decent graphic hardware that should turn that programing into clear images. Now a day, game developers are working hard on improving visual quality of images and game streaming. To meet these highly scalable visual programing, an advance and powerful gpu is vital. Now a day, there is a flood of Android games people love to play and have become addict. They want to buy a phone with the best graphic processing unit so they can play their favourite Android games without having graphic issues.  So, smartphone companies are installing new GPUs in phones that can carry such complex game programming.

Which factors involve in playing popular android games on smartphone?

Beside a GPU there are various other factors those are important to know before you buy a gaming smartphone. Yes, GPU is crucial for seamless gaming, but whether your smartphone has the recommended hardware configuration to support mobile graphic card. For instance, if you are playing a high-end video games involving extensive core shading, your RAM is not powerful enough, it means graphic card will not be able to execute visual at its best.  Here are the some of the key points you need to focus before buying mid-range gaming smartphone:

  • Screen size- if you buy a phone with smaller screen size, you will not be having a good gaming experience as icons and visual will be too smaller to look clearly. Consider minimum 5.5 inches screen size
  • Resolution: buy a phone with higher resolution; some phones come with bigger screen but lower ppi density. Read its specification thoroughly before you buy it.
  • RAM- It is recommended to buy best gaming smartphone with 4GB of RAM minimum. To play latest Android video games like PUBG or Fortnite, having a good RAM is must.
  • CPU- Check the CPU too as equivalent central processing machine boosts RAM, camera, and graphic performance.

To enjoy the most popular android-based smartphone games, buying latest smartphone with good specification is foremost point. Before buying new phone sell used phone at https://phonebechdou.com/


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