What is 5g technology & its potential risk to human health?

the difference between 4g and 5g technology has brought a lot of advantages. Also read harmful effects of 5g technology.

What is 5g technology its potential risk to human health - phonebechdou

What is 5G wireless technology?

Now a day’s technology is going to make progress by every passing day and this trend also continuous with the industry of cellular technology. The previous technologies which are already in your access such as 2G, 3G, and the latest technology which is now giving its best benefits all across the world is 4G. Like these technologies 5G is an additional form of cellular generations. It is the most beneficial technology which is extremely special and much differs than the earlier one.

Difference between 4G and 5G

Although there are various differences between 4G and 5G some of those are as follows:

  • 5G network is much faster in the comparison of 4G
  • 5G network uses lower latency in the comparison of 4G
  • 5G network is more efficient and competent then 4G
  • 5G network is a united platform
  • 5G network enhances more competency
  • 5G network adopts spectrum that is much better than 4G

Negative perceptions about 5G next generation technology

The perceptions about 5G technology should not be gloomy as it is just a technology which will help you to solve all of your digital problems in quite different and advanced manners.

5G works with the access of fixed wireless wave named mmWave (millimeter wave). As we have awareness about the fundamentals of communication that how much the frequency will be shorter the speed of waves will be at its peak. So, this is the reason why Its waves lie between 30GHz and 300GHz which is much shorter frequency then ever before.

100 times more efficient

5G technology is just one of its kind that enhances an individual global standard. The invention of the 5G cellular technology is a momentous achievement in the wireless technology. This technology offers you all of your digital operations like streaming, better connectivity, more faster browsing, as well as more faster download speed in extraordinary fastest way. Rumors about 5G are that it will be 100 times more efficient than 4G. It will provide many other unified functions like digital cars with self-driving system, medical appliances and digital robotics and obviously it will make changes more successfully into our daily life.

 Same Base radio access technology

The best thing about 5G technology is that it does not have any need of a new base radio access technology. The most beneficial fact about this wireless technology is that it also makes use of technologies which are launched previously such as envelope tracking, containing carrier collection, use of unlicensed bands, type of latest and advanced interface technologies for instance narrowband loT (NB-loT) and 3GPP code which was actually dispensation for LTE. Hence, we have come to know that fifth generation technology is in fact based on OFDM (Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing) which are actually the infrastructure of LTE. It clarifies us that LTE is the technology which already make use of 5G wireless technology.

In future this advance and leading 5G technology will definitely offers you its extraordinary benefits to its purchasers because they can have the access to use more data, particularly for sharing higher verdict games, photos and videos. This next generation technology will set on its target after some design challenges, very soon it will reach the industry standards and will also click into a mobile device or smartphone of today. 5G fixed wireless technology presents the wireless edge which offers low latency, virtually boundless capacity, and high quality of service. Use of unlicensed bands

Health issues

The radiations that are discharged by 5G network will mostly be like the waves which are used previously by the 2G, 3G and 4G networks. But the latest radiations with a little difference will be named milimetre waves (mmWaves) for the first time.

Yet, when we talk about the health issues of 5G network, the answer is that about 5G no one can claims that it really can be dangerous for the whole environment including the human beings. At the earlier of this month while writing in Frontiers in Public Health, a major group of international scientists containing an efficient scientist Dr. Hardell explains on the possible exposures of 5G wireless technology.

He makes clear by saying that, “Higher frequency (shorter wavelength) radiation associated with 5G does not penetrate the body as deeply as frequencies from older technologies, although its effects may be systemic,”


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