Vivo X60 Pro Plus review: Vivo Best Flagship Smartphone

Vivo X60 Pro Plus review
Vivo X60 Pro Plus review

Vivo X60 Pro Plus review: Vivo Best Flagship Smartphone

Typically, every Vivo smartphone lineup has a Pro + model that is the most powerful. This time it was the Vivo X60 Pro Plus with a powerful processor, impressive cameras from Zeiss and a gorgeous AMOLED display.

The main difference between Vivo X60 Pro + is a set of cameras from the well-known company Zeiss. All the sensors installed here have high resolution, while the ultra-wide-angle lens even has a gimbal. The processor is also the most powerful of the existing ones – Snapdragon 888, and only a little confused is the not too high battery capacity.

The device turned out to be very interesting. Therefore, I invite you to read my review.

Design and appearance

The appearance of the Vivo X60 Pro + is truly unique. The back cover is covered with blue eco-leather, and the camera module is huge. In addition to the sensors, the Zeiss and T * logos are applied to the protective glass of the lens. The latter means that the lenses have an anti-reflective coating.

There are only two body colors: blue and orange. The first looks much nicer, although fans of bright designs will probably prefer the second. In any case, eco-leather contributes to a comfortable grip and does not slip in the hands, almost no prints and dirt remain on it.

The side frames of the X60 Pro Plus are made of aluminum. The power button is located on the right and is easy to reach with your thumb. The volume keys are located a little higher. On the underside you will find a slot for two nano-SIM cards, which has no room for a microSD. Nearby is the speaker, USB-C and the main microphone. On the upper side there is another microphone, as well as the Professional Photography lettering.

The sides of the display are rounded, which makes the X60 Pro + look like many other flagships. The bezels around the screen are minimal. The hole for the front camera is not the smallest one, it is at the top, in the middle. Unfortunately, the upper earpiece does not form a stereo pair with the main one.

Smartphone screen

The X60 Pro Plus has the same screen as the Vivo X60 Pro – 6.56-inch AMOLED with 120Hz refresh rate and 1080p resolution.

The brightness reaches 816 nits in automatic mode and in sunlight, with a manual slider it can be raised to 477 nits. The lowest possible value is 2.0 nits. There are also three color profiles with sliders to adjust the temperature.

By default, the “Standard” mode is active, the shades of which are closer to blue, although they can easily be made warmer on their own. The “Professional” profile does not need to change anything, the colors and shades are almost perfectly calibrated in accordance with the sRGB space. In “Vivid” mode, the hues are more saturated.

The Vivo X60 Pro + also has HDR10 + support for watching high-quality content on YouTube or Netflix. The refresh rate can be set to 60 Hz or 120 Hz. Automatic mode is also available to switch between these two values. In it, 120 Hz will turn on only when you touch the display, although in browsers it always switches to 60 Hz.

X60 Pro Plus Cameras

In the Vivo X60 Pro Plus, we get a versatile set of four cameras on the back. Vivo often install gimbal stabilizers in their smartphones – it was not without it here either. The curious thing is that it works with an ultra-wide-angle camera, and not the main one.

The main sensor is Samsung S5KGN1 here with a resolution of 50 MP. The 48MP IMX598 is used as ultra-wide-angle optics. There are also two telephoto lenses (32MP and 8MP) when the front camera has a 32MP resolution.

The application for shooting is standard here, I will separately note the Pro mode, where you can set many settings yourself. There is a choice of settings for ISO (50-3200), shutter speed (1/12000 – 32 s), white balance, focal length and exposure compensation.

The quality of the photos is on par with the flagships The colors are very rich and the dynamic range is huge – in this regard, the X60 Pro + is on par with the best smartphones.


Vivo X60 Pro Plus runs on Android 11 operating system with Funtouch 11 shell.

The interface is quite different from pure Android, although many elements remain standard. Among them: the application drawer, the task manager, icons in the notification bar and the notifications themselves. A convenient icon for enabling “Auto Brightness” has appeared near the brightness slider.

As with Android 11, notifications are grouped into categories. You can check their history if you missed something. There is a built-in screen recording, “Bubbles” for instant messengers and more convenient issuance of permissions. Calling and messaging apps in Vivo have kept their own. IManager is still there for clearing the cache, scanning for viruses, and other optimization tasks.

Telephoto lenses turn out to be quite useful, the shorter one has 8MP resolution, and even with 2x zooms the results look very good. There is also a 5x zoom periscope camera with excellent detail, which allows you to take clear photos of even very distant objects.

Device Performance


Since the Vivo X60 Pro + is the main model in the lineup, the processor is the corresponding Snapdragon 888. The new chipset from Qualcomm is made using a 5nm process technology, it has eight cores and an integrated 5G modem.

There are two builds of the X60 Pro Plus – with 8GB of RAM and 128GB of internal UFS 3.1 storage, as well as a 12 / 256GB version. I tested and reviewed the second one. In addition to regular RAM, there is also virtual swap technology. For her, 3 GB of internal storage is allocated for less important tasks, so you will have faster access to many applications.

In benchmarks, the X60 Pro + performs excellently. In Geekbench 5, the device scores 1143/3749 points, which is better than all competitors, including the Asus ROG Phone 5 and OnePlus 9 Pro. The situation is the same in AnTuTu 8, where the Vivo model has 735 thousand points.

Everything is fine with graphics performance. In the GFX Manhattan ES 3.1 (offscreen 1080p) test, the X60 Pro + shows a result of 119 fps, which is higher only for the gaming Asus ROG Phone 5 – 122 fps


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