Top countries with fastest mobile internet speed

what is Pakistan world internet speed ranking in 2019? In spite of 4g internet services, Pakistan has poor internet speed in global ranking.

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Top countries with fastest mobile internet speed

Pakistan Internet speed ranking in 2019

Internet speed ranking matters a lot when you come to technology competition. There are number of countries who are leading in internet speed by country. We have numerous examples where internet users are in millions, but they have a decent mobile internet speed. In this article, we are going to share with you top countries with the highest mobile internet speed, top countries with the lowest mobile internet speed, and where does Pakistan rank in internet speed in 2019?

Fastest mobile internet by speed by country in 2019

  • Norway- internet speed is 66.19 mbps
  • Iceland-58mbps
  • Qatar- 55mbps
  • Singapore- 54 mbps
  • Netherlands- 53 mbps

Slowest mobile internet speed by country in 2019

  • Yemen- 0.31 mbps
  • Somalia- 0.49 mbps
  • Mauritania- 0.56 mbps
  • Republic of Congo- 0.60 mbps
  • Niger- 0.65mbps

Pakistan Ranking in internet speed

Pakistan ranks at 101 in internet speed by country 2019. Average mobile internet speed in Pakistan is 7.09 mbps.


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