Top 5 paid android games in 2019

if you want to play your favourite paid android game, read our top 5 best paid android gaming picks and get a sharp view of latest android games apps 2019.

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Play the most popular android mobile games

Paid android games apps- A real competition for video games

Android mobile games have come as a massive frontier of video games. Being handy and ease of access, smartphones have become a great source of entertainment that can be utilized anywhere without any restriction. As compared to PlayStation or pc gaming where you need to have a proper installation and space to carry your gaming activities; smartphone is quite a useful and easy source to play games and enjoy other mediums of entertainment like music and videos.

Why do people choose paid apps for free?

Being a regular smartphone user, we expect to enjoy every app for free because why spending money when you can enjoy a lot of features without paying anything. But remember! Paid apps for free too have limited features that only allow you to enjoy certain features for limited time.

On the other hand, paid games are actually built on high-resolution system with a lot of premium features. If you want to play for few minutes than you don’t need to pay for anything as you can enjoy best android games for free. But if you want to play complete missions, and enjoy full-time customization it is best to buy paid android games for seamless gaming experience.

Here is the top 5 paid android games still popular among gaming addicts:

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas 700pkr

A real-time open world android game

Rockstar game developers have put great effort to maximize game’s textures, visuals, and better user interface. By seeing the popularity of pc and PlayStation version, introducing a paid android game smartphone version wasn’t a bad idea as it has become one of the top grossing games. You might have heard free world games as you have been playing on your gaming systems. Grand theft auto is a complete user engaging game that allows you to build your career, enjoy bike and favourite cars ride, kill your enemies and remain most wanted using various cheats. In this game you can use virtual analogue stick and digital buttons that can be resized as premium android game version allows you to customize button and character appearance.  So, if you want to enjoy best android game with full of action, suspense, and drama just try it for once.

Construction simulator 3 650pkr

Astragon Entertainment has introduced its latest paid android game Construction simulator 3 in April, 2019. Although it is the successor of Construction simulator 3 but it is an upgraded version with a lot of texture and visual improvements. With new licenses and construction features you can accelerate your simulator gaming experience in a new direction. Play in new European locations with a number of latest equipment. With a flood of stimulator games available on Play store. Astragn has taken the lead by launching such an exciting game that has come on the top paid android game chart.

Evertale 105pkr

A new monster catching RPG

If you want to play a game mixture of Final Fantasy and Pokémon GO, Evertale is the perfect example of it as it comes with fascinating graphics and features that will blow your mind. With a little amount, you can play with a number of monsters and bring your sciencefiction world into reality. In this game, you are going to save your land from a horrible invader Pandemonium. Aside from the major campaign, you will be doing a lot of fun and adventure activities to protect your land.

Reigns- Game of Thrones 550pkr

game of thrones - pHOneBech Dou

Just like popular TV series: game of Thrones where various kingdoms and characters are overwhelming each other to expand their territory power and pursue their false ambitions; Reigns-GOT is not completely like that but it follows the main theme. In this game, you can choose your favourite rulers and can knock out your path over and over again. It may seem a bit complex in the beginning, but playing constantly will lead you towards new scenarios and techniques that will assist you to understand gaming patterns and tricks. Your decisions will lead you towards life or death.

Need for Speed- Most wanted 500pkrneed for speed game - Phonebechdou

Accelerate your drive with the most realistic sports cars

From its earliest series; Need for Speed, EA has developed itself into a massive gaming platform that is providing a huge number of high-end games on various top games platforms. Since, game lovers are shifting towards best android games, EA Games is introducing its popular games on multiple mobile engines like iOS and Android.  Need for speed Most wanted is one of the top paid android games that turn your racing fantasies into reality by providing you a comprehensive platform where you can buy a number of cars and drive your career with the top competitors. Its graphics are set on extreme level with an ease of button configuration. It may require 1900mb free storage.

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