Top 5 latest smartphones under 15000 in Pakistan

Reading top 5 latest smartphones under 15000 in Pakistan guide will assist you to buy the best in budget smartphone.


Best in budget smartphones for everyone in Pakistan

  • Qmobile King Kong Max
  • Nokia 3
  • Samsung J3
  • Huawei GR3
  • Xiaomi Redmi Note 5A

There is a line of affordable smartphones under 15000 in Pakistan, but which phone stands out from all its competitors? We have gone through all latest phones under 15000 in Pakistan to give you a better and deeper insight of top affordable phones with best specifications. Since there is a series of phones coming after every month, a common buyer can afford a quality phone now with a quite smart budget. There is a flood of new companies coming in Pakistan to offer best phones at most attractive prices.  Let’s have a look at our top 7 smartphones under 15000:

1. Qmobile King Kong Maxq mobile king kong max phonebechdou

Qmobile is known for its cheap smartphone with good specifications. Qmobile’s latest phone under 15k comes with all decent features that one can expect from a high-end phone. We were not expecting that any smartphone manufacturing company will launch a phone with 3GB of RAM under 15000 in Pakistan.
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2. Nokia 3nokia 3 review phone bech dou

Nokia’s one of the cheapest smartphones under 15000 in Pakistan
After remaining out of the scene for a number of years, Nokia mobiles have invaded smartphone market with its top quality cheap blazing smartphones. The distinctive feature that was quite surprising also that Nokia has installed Android based operating system rather running on windows based system again. Although, there is no comparison between both systems but, yet business industry always seeks user’ attention, and interest.  So, Nokia 3 is an example of best manufacturing along with the most popular operating system.
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3. Samsung Galaxy J3samsung galaxy j3 review phonebechdou

Samsung mobiles astonished the world with its galaxy series that was impeccable and unmatchable in the terms of style, performance, and visual quality. Still, galaxy smartphones are on the top of popularity due to the latest and innovative features like company’ technicians have infused their skills in building such a tech giant. All over the world, people wait for the creativity Samsung brings every time it launches new models. The good thing about Samsung is that one can find number of phones in Galaxy series inventory where one can buy expensive to cheap smartphones under 15000 in Pakistan.
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4. Huawei GR3huawei gr3 review phonebechdou

Huawei is one of the leading smartphone manufacturing companies working with a lot of other ICT domains around the globe. It provides a lot of choices for the customers in buying affordable to expensive smartphones. To meet the customers’ expectations and taste, the company keeps on generating latest smartphones with real time technology.

Although, there are a number of smartphones under 15000 in Pakistan, but we have gone through best Huawei smartphones under 15k that should be light on budget and best in performance.
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5. Xiaomi Redmi Note 5Aredmi Note 5 A review phonebechdou

Xiaomi is a leading smartphone company which launched its first phone in 2011 and later it became China’s no 1 smartphone company. Till now, it has introduced a number of premium smartphones infused with extreme technology. Later Xiaomi introduced its subsidiary Redmi that was launched to manufacture affordable smartphones for a class who was looking a phone with decent specifications but at cheap rates. Although, Xiaomi major focus is India which is the world’s second largest smartphone market. But later, it launched Redmi to hit Pakistan smartphone customer. Now mobile tech lovers can buy affordable latest Xiaomi Redmi smartphones under 15000 in Pakistan.
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