Top 5 latest phones under 20000 in Pakistan

If you are thinking to update your phone under 20000 in Pakistan, we have customized top 5 phones according to the specifications and mainly focused on RAM, GPU, and chipset.


Top 5 latest phones under 20000 in Pakistan

  1. Xiaomi Redmi 6
  2. Vivo Y71
  3. Samsung Galaxy J4
  4. Xiaomi Redmi 5 3GB
  5. Oppo A71

Buying an in-budget Android smartphone under 20000 in Pakistan is not an easy job because we have higher expectations within a small budget. So, what to know before buying the latest phones less than 20k in Pakistan? We try our best to bring you the latest mobile news and reviews of the most popular smartphones as giving extensive insight into each phone’s specification will assist you to buy a phone that meets your requirement.

We have brought the top 5 latest phones less than 20k in Pakistan; we aim to describe each phone individually as each smartphone comes with some advantages. After reading all reviews, you will be able to get to the bottom of the mobile phone up gradation decision.

Let’s compare each phone specs along with the hardware performance.

1. Xiaomi Redmi 6Xiaomi Redmi 6 review

Xiaomi Redmi is continuously introducing high tech affordable smartphones that have compelled other competitors to ponder over decreasing their phones’ prices too. Redmi series has been introducing some exciting features along with the latest specification that one can expect from a high tech end phone with the high price.
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2. Vivo Y71
vivo y71 review phonebechdou

When it comes to Chinese mobile manufacturing, we have built a sketchy image as Chinese manufacturing will suffer you in a huge loss. But if we look into the latest Chinese smartphone brands we can see a series of affordable quality phones those have huge fans market. From Oppo to Huawei, Xiaomi to Vivo. These brands have stunned Korean beast Samsung, and American phone Giant iPhone Apple.

What actually these phones offer:

  • In budget smartphones
  • Durability
  • High-end flagship

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3. Samsung Galaxy J4samsung galaxy j4 review phonebechdou

Samsung needs no introduction in introducing best quality smartphones under 20000 in Pakistan. Regardless of its component quality, it brings smartphones for all classes and customers. If you are looking for latest top quality specifications, Samsung has a lot in its inventory, but if you are low on budget and want to buy a good phone with a decent specification, Samsung offers you a wide range of phones with great looks.
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4. Xiaomi Redmi 5 3GBredmi 5 review phonebechdou

Xiaomi Redmi is continuously introducing its budget smartphone less than 20000 in Pakistan. Perhaps, it has understood the bigger screen size phenomena.  With a series of affordable phones, Redmi is successfully launched a number of smartphones for mobile users who can’t afford expensive phones like iPhone and Samsung high-end models. But still, Xiaomi Redmi is offering its best class techniques and skill to deliver optimum mobile technology experience at a very affordable price.
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5. Oppo A71oppo-a71-review-phonebechdou

Oppo smartphones revolutionized the smartphone market by launching its best selfie-cameras phones.  The company targeted the right customers who love to take selfies for almost every purpose. What did people love to have a phone that captures high-quality images and give a realistic shot with a lot of features? Oppo phones match this criterion exactly.
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