Top 5 best battery smartphones under 15000 2019 in Pakistan

longest battery life mobile comparison brings best battery life smartphones 2019 under 15000 in Pakistan. Which smartphones have the best battery life?

Top 5 best battery smartphones under 15000 2019 in Pakistan - Phonebechdou

Top 5 best battery smartphones under 15000 2019 in Pakistan

Affordable Smartphones with the longest battery life

  • Infinix smart 3 plus 35,00 mAh battery life
  • Tecno spark 4- 4000 mAh battery
  • Meizu m5- 3000 mAh
  • Nokia 2 -4100 mah
  • Vivo y90- 4000 mAh

Best battery life phone 2019 under 15000 may sound surprising. But it is truth. Mobile phone technology has not become cheap but progressive too. Now you can buy best battery life smartphone in Pakistan at good price. These smartphones offer a good performance overall. But in this list I have given top 5 mobile phones with longest battery life.

There are a number of mobile phone companies working in Pakistan. Most of the companies are Chinese. Since Q mobile has vanished from the screen, many there companies have swiftly replaced this company. Q mobile was famous for its cheap good quality low range mobile phones. Similarly, if we see top 5 smartphones with best battery life, all mobile phones are Chinese manufactured.

Let’s discuss these mobile phones battery life comparison and their performance too.

Which smartphone have the best battery life?

In best smartphone battery life category we have a quite few phones. Especially, when it comes to a fixed price under 15,000 we have limited options. In consumer market like Pakistan price factor involves a lot. Since the local economy is crippling and taxes on smartphones are increasing it is also becoming difficult for companies to maintain a good price. Moreover, there is a tough competition among all mobile companies. Everyone is trying overcome and beat its rivalry.

In this list, you can see nokia 2 is leading. It is coming in 4100 mah battery. Nokia has a very good reputation in smartphones industry. The reason is obvious. Nokia smartphones are not only durable but also deliver optimum performance.

Long battery life mobile phone price list

Infinix smart 3 plus price-15000 pkr

Tecno spark 4 price- 13,500 pkr

Meizu m5 price – 14000 pkr

Nokia 2 price – 12000 pkr

Vivo y90 price– 15000- pkr

Smartphone battery life comparison

It is true; you cannot expect a high end camera and processor at such price. But yes, you can expect a good battery life in smartphones under 15000 in Pakistan. As you can see, every mobile phone carries good battery, but if we do comparison, we shall come to know following mobile phones are winning the competition:

  • Nokia 2
  • Infinix smart 3 plus
  • Vivo y90

4,000 mAh battery is perfect for whole day mobile operations. Since, these phones are not made for gaming, you can enjoy more than 2 days battery with these smartphones.  I would suggest improving battery experience, swiping away all unnecessary apps.

How to improve battery life of my phone?

To increase smartphone battery life, you need to follow these steps:

  • Turn off location
  • Keep the Bluetooth off
  • Turn off lte when it is not in use
  • Switch the wifie off when it is idle
  • Decrease brightness
  • Turn the vibrator off
  • Put off the charger when battery is fully charged
  • Delete unnecessary apps
  • Switch off background apps.

Can I play mid-range games on these smartphone?

Smartphones with longest battery life 2019 in Pakistan under 15000 also provide good graphic experience. You can easily download and play mid-range games. Remember, constant gaming will consume battery.

Where to sell old phones in Pakistan in Lahore online?

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