Top 3 Security Apps for android in 2020: (Android security updates pros and cons)

Top 3 Security Apps for android in 2020

Top 3 Security Apps for android in 2020: (Android security updates pros and cons)


  • McAfee Mobile Security: The Comprehensive
  • TrendMicro Security & Antivirus: The app for parents
  • Kaspersky Security: Antivirus and Cell Phone Protection – The Classic
  • Conclusion – our test result

Android phones are under constant fire and are exposed to security vulnerabilities. For this reason, it makes sense to protect your smartphone with security apps. But the selection here is large: That is why we have filtered out the three best free apps for you on the basis of external test results and present them to you in this article.

Mobile devices are often more susceptible to viruses, malware, phishing or Trojans than computers. Security apps on your Android smartphone ensure that it is protected against this in order to prevent spyware and adware. Especially if you have a rooted device or you often download apps from unofficial sources. Even if many security apps only guarantee full protection in a paid pro version, there are some that protect your smartphone adequately even in the free version.

McAfee Mobile Security: The Comprehensive

McAfee Mobile Security is one of the old hands in the anti-virus business in the PC world. The US company also offers a security solution for Android smartphones. If you have a Samsung smartphone, you may already have this app on your phone. The South Korean manufacturer is working with McAfee to better protect its Android smartphones.

In the test (07/2020) by the AV-TEST Institute, McAfee Mobile SecurityAchieve full scores in all categories (protective effect, speed, usability). The free version of the app already offers you some features that you can use directly. The security scan checks installed apps and files and can be activated directly from the app’s start screen.

 Optimizations for battery consumption, main memory, internal storage as well as the WLAN scanner and theft protection are also free of charge. With a paid upgrade you can, for example, set up guest accounts on your smartphone, limit apps or lock them with passwords and make surfing via the browser on the mobile phone more secure. 

The Plus package also offers a VPN function and blocking of AD trackers. Overall, McAfee convinces with good protection and a particularly large number of extras.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • Free version with many features
  • VPN client (paid version)
  • Limited use in free version

TrendMicro Security & Antivirus: The app for parents

The TrendMicro Security & Antivirus app also passed the AV-Test Institute’s exam with full points in the various categories. It offers you a similar range of functions as McAfee and lets you check your files and apps directly from the main menu or optimize battery consumption. Even social media profiles can be checked for data protection gaps if you link them.

Many features of the otherwise very clear security app from TrendMicro are hidden behind the 14-day trial version or a subscription. Among the functions is also a parental control useful for parents, which allows you to limit or block websites in the browser and apps.

 There is also loss protection, pre-scan for apps, additional performance optimizations, and more security in financial apps and web browsing. However, you have to do without a VPN function. The overall package is attractive and can be tested free of charge. Before the end of the test period, you should cancel the subscription manually, otherwise it will be extended automatically.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • Clear menu
  • Practical administrative functions for parents
  • 14 days free trial period
  • Many features are chargeable
  • The trial period must be canceled manually

Kaspersky Security: Antivirus and Cell Phone Protection – The Classic

When you think of security systems, you ca n’t ignore Kaspersky . But the company not only offers all kinds of protection for computers, there is also a security app for Android smartphones. With the application – according to Kaspersky – privacy becomes more secure.

We like it optically because it is very clearly laid out and the individual functions are easy to find. With the free version, you can scan your device to see at a glance whether there are any current threats. For the examination area, you can choose between a quick or full examination or you can have selected folders examined.

The free version also includes the scanner, call filter and theft protection functions. If you want to protect your smartphone even more with points such as real-time protection, app lock, SMS anti-phishing, protection on the Internet or privacy , you have to activate the premium version. 

The app also gives you direct access to other Kaspersky apps such as Secure Connection, Safe Kids, Password Manager or Battery Life , which also deal with smartphone protection. Kaspersky Security app : antivirus and mobile phone protection also achieved full points in all main categories in the test by the Magdeburg institute.

Advantages and disadvantages

  • Clear menu
  • Theft protection in a free version
  • Limited use in free version

Conclusion – our test result

With all of the security apps presented here, you are in good hands when it comes to protecting your Android smartphone from viruses and malware. The McAfee Mobile Security app scores above all with its wide range of functions and VPN support.

 TrendMicro Security & Antivirus offers parents useful features and a 14-day trial period. Kaspersky Security: Antivirus and Cell Phone Protection also provide many useful features in the free version that help you to get an overview of possible threats and to remove them. However, if you want to use the full range of apps and guarantee your mobile phone maximum security, you should consider the premium packages of the security apps.


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