Top 3 expected features in smartphones in 2020


Top 3 expected features in smartphones in 2020

Upcoming smartphone technology

It wouldn’t be wrong if we say 2019 was the year of smartphone technology. We have seen some major advancements in phone specs. Especially in camera, processor, and gpu.  The various mobile manufacturing tried to beat the rivalry in price and major specs.  It was the year of installation of camera sensors in mobile phone. It started right from Huawei Leica technology in p20 and p30. It was the year of pixel density and camera zooming technology. Bigger screen size smartphones overwhelmed the market.

Moving ahead, mobile foldable technology invaded the market trend. Huawei and Samsung launched 2 stunning foldable smartphones with stunning display and feature. It was the year of fast battery charging that started from 5w and lasted to 40w.  We saw huge improvement in battery charging and capacity.

2019 was the year of improved smartphone graphic unit. Mali and Adreno did a great job in introducing best architecture gpus in mobile phones. Especially adreno and mali low gpu favored a lot to low end smartphones.  Whereas we also saw high end gpus like adreno 640 that was equipped in high end graphic cards.

Furthermore, double, triple and quad camera revolutionized the concept of camera technology.  Earlier, mobile phones were coming with greater pixels. In 2018, major mobile phone companies started integrating double and triple sensor cameras. Separate cameras were installed along with main camera. Hence, we saw robust photography in smartphones.

In addition, the best thing we saw in mobile internet field, 5g took a successful start from china. Shifting 4g to 5g in 2019 was an exciting moment. By the end of 2019, almost all major mobile manufacturing companies had launched their 5g variants smartphones

What are we expecting from mobile manufacturers ion 2020?

  • 5g smartphones will be common

In 2019, 5g smartphones were launched on a limited numbers in countries where 5g boosters have been established. Still, there are a lot of countries where 5g technology is not introduced yet. Pakistan is one of them. Moreover, once 5g comes in the country, we will see an influx of 5g smartphones. The question is whether these smartphones will be cheap enough to buy. Whether an average user will be able to buy it or not?

  • Improved version of foldable smartphones

Till now there are only two companies which have introduced foldable smartphones in 2019: Huawei and Samsung. We expect that in 2020, we shall see other companies with new foldable smartphone technology. Furthermore, latest foldable smartphones are very expensive. We hope that in future e shall see less expensive mobile phones.

  • Fast charging will be better

Fast battery charging option is the latest feature that every mobile phone manufacturing company tried to integrate in its smartphone. Since fast charging feature has gone popular, every mobile user tries to buy a phone with this feature. In 2020, we will be seeing improved fast charging technology with better watts.


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