TOP 15 best Chinese Smartphones of 2020: Best Chinese smartphone brands

TOP 15 best Chinese Smartphones of 2020
TOP 15 best Chinese Smartphones of 2020

TOP 15 best Chinese Smartphones of 2020: Best Chinese smartphone brands

Everyone wants to find a product with the best value for money, and this is especially true when buying a new smartphone. Chinese phones are vastly superior to competitors from Samsung or Sony, especially in the budget segment. Therefore, we at phonebechdou have prepared the TOP 15 best Chinese smartphones of 2020, price and quality.

Realme 6

Realme 6 is without a doubt one of the best budget smartphones at the moment. It has a fairly large screen with a 90Hz refresh rate. READ ALSO : Realme 6 Review: Budget Smartphone with 90Hz Screen It also has decent cameras, powerful hardware and a tough battery. The Realme 6 has practically no flaws, especially considering the price. This model can easily compete with devices that cost twice as much.

Xiaomi Mi 9T

Before the release of Mi 9T Pro, the most balanced phone from Xiaomi in the ninth lineup was the Mi 9T. It combined the best features of all Mi 9s and became a powerful, low-cost device without any weaknesses.

A huge display without a notch, a powerful battery and a triple camera have become a role model for the entire middle segment.

Redmi Note 9S

Perhaps some of the potential buyers of Redmi Note 9S have been lured away by Realme 6, but this is still one of the best budget smartphones of all time. Considering the price, this is a fantastic device – decent performance, cameras and battery.

Note 9S: large battery, screen and high performance the model shows the best result in the Geekbench 4 battery test. Many will probably not like its module with cameras, and the lack of NFC, but otherwise the Note 9S is almost perfect. In the next model of the line I would like to see full protection (here only from splashes) and wireless – or at least faster wired charging.

To unequivocally surpass Realme, the next Redmi will also need a display with a refresh rate of 90Hz. At the moment, this is one of the best smartphones for the money.

Oppo Reno 2

The Oppo Reno 2 is a great option for those looking for an Android smartphone with good cameras, great performance, and a durable battery.

Yes, retractable front cameras still do not seem to be something very reliable, but Reno 2 is made in such a way that you don’t have to worry about safety and performance. Plus, you will have a beautiful screen without any cutouts or holes. Like Oppo Reno 2 1Dislike Oppo Reno 2 4

Xiaomi Redmi Note 8T

For its price, the Redmi Note 8T has incredible quality. It is a mid-range smartphone with a budget price tag. We get a set of four cameras, the main one of which shoots at 48 MP resolution, as well as a 6.3-inch AMOLED display.

An Excellent And Affordable Smartphone With NFC In addition, the Xiaomi Redmi Note 8T has a 4000 mAh battery and a not weak Snapdragon 665 processor. And most importantly, there is NFC and 18 W fast charging, which the Redmi Note 8 lacked so much.

Oppo A9 2020

The Oppo A9 2020 is an average smartphone that has many strengths. An attractive design, a set of four cameras with a 48MP main sensor and a huge 5000 mAh battery, which surpasses most flagships in terms of autonomy.

Of course, there are also disadvantages. Despite the powerful battery, there is no fast charging. The camera’s night mode is great, however, the shooting process is too complex and needs optimization. However, for a reasonable price, you get a device with a very good camera, durable battery and design that makes it look like a flagship. Thanks to this, it is safe to say that the A9 2020 is one of the best Chinese smartphones at the moment.

Xiaomi Mi A3

The Android One system is attractive for its frequent security updates as well as its simple interface, and Xiaomi Mi A3 takes advantage of this OS. The model also has other pluses, among which is one of the best cameras, devices running on Android One.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 7

I don’t want to repeat myself, but most of the models from Xiaomi can be considered mid-range smartphones at a budget price, and Redmi Note 7 is no exception.

The design of the device is similar to the Mi line – the body is completely made of glass, and on the back there is a dual camera with a 48MP main sensor. There is a huge display and a battery that will last at least for the whole day of work, as well as a headphone jack, an infrared port, two SIM slots and one for microSD.

Considering the price, you can turn a blind eye to the lack of an under-screen fingerprint scanner, NFC, wireless charging and water protection – all these functions are still the prerogative of more expensive brothers. High power is provided by the Snapdragon 660 processor, which is often found in more expensive models.

Huawei Nova 5T

While many manufacturers are trying to attract buyers with some newfangled feature, Huawei in its Nova 5T decided to work more carefully on all the main aspects. The result is a beautiful design, great cameras, and a durable battery. A fabulously modern smartphone Yes, it lacks premium features like wireless charging, OLED display or memory card slot. However, it is surprising how quickly you forget about it after a while. Overall, the Nova 5T can easily be considered one of the best mid-range Chinese gadgets to date.

Honor 10 Lite

With the release of the 10 Lite, Honor is once again able to create one of the best budget smartphones on the market. We get one of the most durable batteries in this price segment, a large screen and two cameras.
Yes, they shoot poorly in low light, and the body is made of plastic, but the main advantage of the 10 Lite is performance. Together with representatives of the Moto G line, this is one of the best devices for the money. Like Honor 10 Lite 3Dislike Honor 10 Lite 1

Honor 9X

Honor 9X manages to copy many elements of the flagships, while adapting them to the budget segment. The body has a nice gradient color, and the front camera is retractable, which gives us more screen space with an immersive effect.

A luxurious look and familiar components It’s hard to believe this model only costs 15k – especially considering the pop-up camera. Of course, there are also disadvantages here. The main lens with three sensors is not as good as it might seem from the characteristics, and the night mode is terrible at all. In addition, it soon becomes clear that the performance is clearly not on the level of the flagships. However, for a reasonable price, you get a smartphone that looks much more expensive and has features unique to this category.

Honor 20 Pro

Taking into account the fact that the flagships now cost 60-70 thousand, finding a much cheaper smartphone with the same premium cameras is a great success.

Yes, the Honor 20 Pro lacks some features like wireless charging, OLED display or full water protection. However, in almost everything else, he is very good.

Oppo A5 2020

The Oppo A5 2020 is a great budget option for those looking for basic features at a fraction of the cost. It’s hard to believe that this smart phone with a stylish design, a large display and a huge 5000mAh battery costs only 12 thousand.

Of course, the set of four cameras is clearly inferior to competitors here – the main sensor shoots at a resolution of only 12 MP, and in low light, the quality becomes even worse. Nevertheless, at this price, compromises are inevitable, and even with them, the A5 2020 remains a high-quality budget Chinese smartphone.

Xiaomi Redmi 7A

Xiaomi Redmi 7A has impressive capabilities for a device: it has a good camera, a durable battery and high-quality speakers. Read also: Review of Xiaomi Redmi 7A: what a smartphone for 6 thousand is capable of But, with everyday use, the problems of the younger model become obvious – 2 GB of RAM is clearly not enough, so we recommend the version with 3 GB.

 However, if the budget is very tight, this smartphone is a great choice.

Honor 9X Pro
The Honor 9X Pro takes over many good qualities from its predecessor, the 9X, including a rich camera and a full screen display. But, design and performance have been improved. A powerful smartphone for every day However, not all changes were positive. The 9X Pro is Honor’s first smartphone without Google services, and for many, this could be a major hurdle before buying. Otherwise, however, the model is much more capable than most competitors in this price range. The battery here is enough for two days of use.


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