Top 10 Best Sports Watches to Buy in 2021: Pros & Cons

Best Sports Watches
Best Sports Watches

Top 10 Best Sports Watches to Buy in 2021: Pros & Cons

“Sports watches   will not only show time, but also tell how many calories were spent per day, demonstrate the results of training. Lovers of hiking and other activities will be advised which way to go. In general, they do not have functionality. 

And if they are all good, then which sports watch to choose is the dilemma. In order not to waste a lot of time exploring the range of Smart Watch, it is better to go straight to the choice of the best options. Our selection of TOP-10 sports watches contains just such. Read and choose.

Apple Watch Nike Series 5 GPS 44mm Silver Aluminum 

The look of the Watch Nike Series 5 can be easily customized by changing the strap, which comes in 2 sizes. A huge number of tracks from Apple Music will set the necessary workout rhythm. You can download any application using Epp Store.  

By linking the watch with an iPhone, you can easily change the settings on the Apple Watch, manage them using a smart. A special icon in the menu allows you to find the phone by sound, if it suddenly fell somewhere or got lost. An interesting feature is the ability to control the smart camera using the clock.

The compass and altimeter allow you to go with the watch even for jogging in the park, even for conquering mountain peaks. By the way, you can pay with this device in stores and cafes using NFC.

Six pluses of the “apple” smart watch.

1. The display can be turned on all the time
It displays a clock, the appearance of which can be selected from 100+ options.
2. The presence of a heart rate monitor The
watch constantly monitors the user’s heart rate, and if the heart rate is too low / high, do not forget to report it.
3. Workout Tracking
Provides statistics for different sports, such as how many kilometers and how long an athlete has run.
4. Special rings of activity
Demonstrate the achieved results, inspire to move on, for example, arrange competitions with friends.
5. Ability to stay connected
You can call yourself or receive calls, correspond, dictate sms by voice without using the phone. Siri’s assistant is also here.
6. Saving energy
Apple watches go into “sleep” mode if they are not used for a while. The function saves battery well.

For a 100% charge of the watch, ≈ 1 hour is enough. To replenish energy reserves, the device is “magnetized” to the charging circle. 


  • incompatible with Android gadgets;
  • require daily recharging when the screen is on;
  • the cost is above average.

Huawei Watch GT Silver 

Practically “unkillable” option for sports and everyday life. The bezel (turning mechanism on the dial) with minute markings is ceramic, the watch case itself is steel, and there is also a diamond coating. The touchscreen Amoled-screen has a diagonal of 1.39 ″, the resolution is 454 x 454 pixels. Therefore, the contrast and brightness are excellent here.

Pros of Watch GT Silver:

  • compatibility with different OS “Android”: from 4.4 and iOS from 9.0 .;
  • monitoring heart rate and sleep in real time – sensors and AI algorithms monitor these indicators around the clock;
  • hardy battery – it will last almost a day without recharging in GPS mode and a whole month without using a heart rate monitor;
  • important notifications – the chronometer will display any notification from the smart.

The watch will count your steps and calories burned for you, track your activity (running, walking, etc.), direct you with the help of a compass and GPS in the right direction. Thanks to the waterproof outer shell, they can be used for swimming in the pool.


  • NSF support is not provided,
  • there are no functions of speakerphone and listening to audio tracks.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2 44mm 

Neat design, no additional add-ons above the display. Touch screen, Amoled with a resolution of 360 to 360 pixels. The bezel is digital. To access the menu or various widgets, you need to swipe across the display in different directions. 

On the back side there are sensors that quickly read and process information about the heart rate, the number of steps, etc. The strap is quick-change, with the possibility of replacing it with a new one.

Pros of Galaxy Watch Active 2 :

  • tracking 39 types of workouts – 7 are turned on automatically, the rest can be selected from the menu;
  • determination of the stress level – using the proprietary Health application;
  • the ability to create an optimal sleep and wakefulness regimen – algorithms that analyze sleep will tell you what time it is best to go to bed and wake up for maximum relaxation of the body;
  • the possibility of communication / correspondence – you can receive and answer calls, sms, communicate in social networks, write emails;
  • clock translator – the model is able to translate speech and text into 16 languages, and it does it in real time.

Contactless payment, smart charging, control of the phone camera – all this is available on Galaxy Watch Active 2.


  • the price tag is above average.

Huawei Watch GT 2 Sport 

The model received a touchscreen Amoled-display with a resolution of 454 by 454 pixels. The picture is clear, with deep blacks and excellent color reproduction in bright tones. 

This is one of the best sports watches that function not only on land but also in water. The water resistance of the outer shell allows you to dive with the chronometer to a depth of 50 meters (≈ for 10 minutes or less). True, the manufacturer still does not recommend diving with a watch. Salt water has a detrimental effect on the clockwork. 

Five parameters that delight the GT 2 Sport.

  • 4 gigabytes of internal memory

You can download new types of dials, create music selections and listen to tracks through wireless “ears”.

  • The ability to answer a call

At the same time, you do not need to take the smart out of your pocket or bag, you can talk hands-free and view notifications right from your watch.

  • Variety of dashboards

The gadget will tell the user about the weather, his heart rate, stress level, display activity indicators (running, cycling, swimming, triathlon, rock climbing, etc.), monitor the quality of sleep.

  • Active display option 

With display of time on the screen. Without activating this function, the display turns off after 5 seconds of inactivity.

  • Battery capacity 455 milli amp-hours 

This is enough for the gadget to last up to 2 weeks of active use without recharging.


  • LiteOS operating system does not allow installing third-party applications;
  • you cannot customize the clock “for yourself” (apart from changing the dial), for example, delete an unnecessary widget;
  • there is no way to reply to messages, only view.

Apple Watch Series 3 GPS 42mm

This device does not have to be removed if you are going to swim in the pool or frolic in the sea waves. The case is waterproof and ready to dive to a depth of 50 m. Apple Watch Series 3 GPS not only records the results, but also motivates you to achieve new goals, giving prompts for activities and the need to take a break. Pedometer, calorie counting, sleep watcher, heart rate sensors – everything you need for sports and relaxation is in stock. 

Five chips are included in Apple’s smart watches:

  • you can receive calls and use the Internet without connecting to the “iPhone”, as well as give voice commands to Siri;
  • tracking is provided not only for the location, but also for the heights and ascents on the route covered by the athlete;
  • control of loads – during training, sensors track the heart rate, this indicator can be displayed on the screen;
  • progress rings – multi-colored circles will be filled in as the user is active, with their help it is easy to track the achievement of the desired result;
  • watch with a player – you can listen to your favorite tracks directly from a wrist gadget using wireless airpods.


  • energy charge lasts up to 18 hours;
  • does not connect with Android devices.

Honor Watch (TLS-B19) 

The body of the model is steel, polished. At the same time, it is quite light (32 g) and thin (9.8 mm). The screen is bright, touch-sensitive, with a diagonal of 1.2 ″. There is a simple change of the strap if you want to change the style of the device. The dial can also be changed from a variety of options. 

Pros of TLS-B19.

  • Dual chipset

The watch consumes a minimum amount of energy, while demonstrating excellent performance.

  • Enduring battery 

With daily use, it will last up to 7 days without charging. The maximum will work 12-14 days.

  • Tips and personalized training program

The gadget assesses the user’s physical activity and offers effective options for achieving better results.

  • Support for various sports

For example, a smart watch can detect swimming style or measure altitude and atmospheric pressure while climbing mountains. It is convenient to ride a bike or just walk with it. The gadget will record the speed of movement, the number of kilometers, and tell you about the calories spent.

  • Water tightness

They can withstand diving to a depth of 50 meters, so you can swim with them.

  • Connecting to the phone

The connection with smart occurs via Bluetooth. On the screen of the “smart” chronometer, notifications about calls and SMS are displayed.

Cons – no possibility:

  • reply to messages, view only;
  • answer the call, only reject / mute the sound;
  • play music tracks.

At the same time, in the ranking of sports watches, this model has a very affordable price tag.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 46mm Silver 

Round dial, ticking, second hand in this gadget is just like a classic mechanical watch. To work with the interface, you can use both the touch screen and the navigation ring around it. Additionally, there are 2 mechanical buttons on the right. 

On the back cover there is an optical sensor that collects information about the user’s physical activity and heart rate. The outer shell is dust and moisture resistant. You can swim with them, but not dive. The gadget has been assigned a 5 ATM moisture resistance standard, the manufacturer guarantees the preservation of the smart watch’s performance in case of splashes, surface swimming.

Pros of Galaxy Watch : 

  • the ability to connect with gadgets on different OS – “Android” (version 5.0. and higher) and iOS (v 9.0. and higher);
  • interaction with the watch using “Galaxy” Wearable, where you can change the dial, download third-party applications, etc .;
  • managing notifications without smart – for example, open and quickly respond to an e-mail, read a message in instant messengers;
  • accurate tracking and analysis of kilometers traveled, running, swimming, cycling, jumping and other activities;
  • super-capacious 472 mAh battery – with minimal activity it will last about 7 days without recharging. The watch is charged using wireless charging (included);
  • a special function allows you to find a lost smart by sound using a smart watch; 
  • a lot of different dials – from classics to unusual options;
  • there is NSF – which means the watch can be used to pay for purchases in stores with specials. terminals.

Galaxy Watch monitors user activity, offers to perform exercises if you sit in one place.


  • limited functionality when connecting to Apple gadgets. For example, notifications are not always received on the watch.

Huawei GT 2e Graphite Black 

The outer steel shell + dust and moisture protection ensures the durability of this option. On the Amoled-screen with a resolution of 454 by 454 pixels, the necessary information is clearly visible regardless of external lighting. The proprietary Kirin A1 chipset and a 455 mAh battery provide the gadget for 14 days without recharging. 

Advantages of the GT 2e :

  • ease of control – using the touch screen and 2 buttons on the side;
  • the ability to customize the display on the screen of any necessary information, for example, a weather forecast or a pedometer;
  • change the appearance of the display at your discretion – you can choose classics or unusual bright options;
  • 85 training modes – record and analyze the results of climbing, running, parkour, skateboarding, etc. Workouts are divided into 2 groups: using GPS (for example, riding a bike) and without it. You can choose the goal of the lesson, for example, burn a certain number of calories or overcome km;
  • automatic detection when the user started exercising – available for 6 standard modes;
  • tracking sleep quality and stress level – smart watch monitors heart rate, breathing and other indicators during rest and wakefulness;
  • the ability to train with music – the watch connects via bluetooth with headphones, you can store up to 500 audio tracks in memory;
  • counting the amount of oxygen in the blood – with a special offer. breathing exercises to increase it.


  • there is no way to expand the functionality of third-party programs;
  • you cannot talk on the clock, only view sms, learn about calls, etc.

Apple Watch Series 4 44mm Silver Aluminum Case 

This is an option in a rectangular waterproof case, the edges of which are neatly rounded, and the bezels around the display are minimal to increase the usable space. The screen now fits up to 8 different extensions. Apple Watch is not afraid of dust and splashes. In training, you can include your favorite tracks, news, talk shows.

Six pluses of Apple Watch Series 4 :

1. The presence of a wheel on the side makes it easier to navigate the watch
. Light clicks are heard when scrolling. By clicking on the wheel, you can call Siri.
2. Constant monitoring of vital signs
Apple device monitors the level of stress, motivates to burn calories, warns if something is wrong with the heart rate. He can call the rescue service (in the USA and Europe, in our country – not) if the user suddenly falls. Counts calories burned both during activity and at rest. Remind you to warm up.
3. All indicators in one application
No need to search for heart rate data or other information in the menu for a long time. Everything is in the “Health on iPhone” application.
4. Variety of training modes
You can choose a professional or amateur program. It is possible to set a goal, count the calories burned, and activate competitions with a friend. The watch itself recognizes the beginning and type of physical activity.
5. Always in touch
You can answer calls, read and send SMS, give commands to Siri. 
6. Blocking water
You can swim and swim with the watch. The lock is activated automatically when the device is immersed in water, the display does not respond to touch. After bathing, you need to turn the wheel on the side to unlock the screen and use successive sounds to clean the speaker from water. 


  • the price tag is above average;
  • does not support connection with Android smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active R500 Black 

Watch in a compact, metal case in a classic black shade. Amoled display is round, 1.1 “diagonal. The outer shell is protected from dust and moisture according to the IP68 standard. This means that this watch can be used for water sports. The model can be both male and female accessory.

Pros of the Galaxy Watch Active R500: 

1. Simple control
It is carried out using a swipe on the touch screen, gestures and two physical buttons on the side. In high sensitivity mode, smart watch can be used even with gloves.
2. Support for handwriting and voice input of messages
On the watch screen, you can read incoming SMS and application notifications. There is a small numeric keypad for typing.
3. Tracking physical activity
Smart Watch can count steps, take heart rate measurements and monitor the quality of sleep (for example, the duration of each phase). You can keep your own food diary and record the results of various workouts. The clock will show the duration of the session, the number of calories burned. If the user is immobile for more than 60 minutes. the device will remind you to be active.
4. Wireless Charging
Uses Qi standard. The device can be charged using the supplied charging “tablet” or used with a smart one, for example, Galaxy S10.
5. Huge functionality
In addition to the standard alarm clock or calendar, there is a barometer, tonometer, accelerometer, gyroscope and many other options. Due to the branded Samsung Pei, you can use the watch as a means of payment in stores.


  • you cannot call from Galaxy Watch;
  • music support only in MP3 format.


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