TOP 10 Best Free Android Apps Today in 2021

Best Free Android Apps
Best Free Android Apps

TOP 10 Best Free Android Apps Today in 2021

We’ve collected the best Android apps to empower your device. The programs are tested and recommended by How to change the appearance of the system, get encrypted chat, music, and blocking numbers – you will find all this in our selection.

In this TOP 10, we present noteworthy free apps for Android phones. They will help expand the functionality of both flagships and cheap devices. Among them you will find a secure, encrypted messenger, an application for blocking phone numbers, and even a program that allows you to play computer games on your smartphone.

TOP 10 Free Android Apps

Brave Browser: Fast & Safe Browser

What should be a good internet browser on your phone? First of all, fast and safe. This is exactly what Brave Browser offers.

Brave browser

Users praise it for its excellent speed and highlight the video playback function in the background. In other words, you can listen to YouTube music even when the screen is locked.

According to a study by Trinity College Dublin, Brave is considered the safest browser. He just cares about the privacy of user data. It does not use identifiers to track IP addresses and does not provide servers with data about the pages you have previously visited. The app also blocks ads.

Blocker 2.0: Call Blocker

Probably, the situation is familiar when you receive a call and an unknown number is displayed. You wonder if the call is important or if the distributor managers are trying to issue credit, insurance or sell something. In this case, you will need the Blocker 2.0 phone spam blocking application.

This program will check in an extensive database if the incoming number is suspicious, block it, and display a notification if necessary. In the application options, you can also add, for example, blocking spam for both incoming and outgoing calls. If your phone does not have a factory default number filtering feature, this software is worth a try.

GeForce NOW: Play PC Games on Your Smartphone

Do you have a large collection of games on various gaming platforms? Would you like to play some of them on your smartphone or tablet? With GeForce NOW – you can play PC titles on your phone without any problem.

All it takes is a fast internet connection and of course the GeForce NOW service. The basic package is free. As part of it, we get several free games, we can play the rest if we have already bought them on PC and the names have been added to Steam,, Origin, Uplay or GOG. You can even play at very high graphics settings, because the server is responsible for it, not the smartphone. It’s worth a try.

Clock Tuner: for lovers of classic precision clocks

Classic mechanical watches have not gone out of style. On the contrary, you can see the growing trend of owning and wearing analog timepieces. Many people appreciate them because they are more elegant, the mechanism requires a special skill (it is not an easy piece of electronics), and they say they have a soul. Clock Tuner, an application that counts the frequency, that is, the number of times your clock oscillates. Compares them with the established formula, calculates and shows how late or rushed your mechanism is.

By the way, the software also shows graphs of the sound generated by the clock, so that regularity or other deviations can be assessed. A useful application for checking the health, especially of old mechanisms. Of course, this is an amateur measurement, but it gives some precision.

Wickr Me: secure messenger

If you’re looking for a good app for sending encrypted, secure messages, then Wickr Me is for you.

The software was created under the leadership of a woman with a strong character. She told the FBI agents, who demanded to introduce a backdoor into the program, so that they … go to hell. In general, everything works here is simple – you create encrypted messages and indicate their lifetime, after which they are completely deleted.

Hiya: call blocker

Hiya is another useful app for people who are harassed by calls from unwanted companies or their employees. If you receive frequent calls to invite you to strange meetings, or if your phone manager decides to issue another loan, we sincerely recommend installing Hiya.

Bandcamp: Stream Music from the Internet

Bandcamp is an app for those who are tired of popular music. Here you will surely find something that you have not heard before.

Basically, it is a website containing a variety of interesting albums and artists who often show a much higher level of creativity than something currently dominated by YouTube, Spotify, Tidal or radio.

If you are looking for musical inspiration and a lot of fun, always looking for new songs, download this software. You can listen to a variety of music for free, although you will have to pay to download it in high quality. I think that’s fair, right?

Microsoft Launcher: Change the look of your system

Microsoft Launcher makes it possible to dramatically change not only the appearance, but also the operation of the Android operating system. It introduces a number of fixes and improvements, thanks to which it is popular with many users.

It looks attractive and modern, and provides new functionality. On the additional page to the left of the main desktop, after logging into your Microsoft account, you can not only view scheduled events from the calendar, but also read selected messages (something like RSS). The software does not load the system, it works quickly, it looks beautiful. Try it!

Nova Launcher: Changes the way Android looks and works

Nova Launcher has been one of the best Android apps for years. It has always been distinguished by high stability, good smoothness in operation and complete personalization.

The software deserves interest, and in the latest version it has become similar in functions and appearance to the Pixel Launcher in Google smartphones.


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