Top 10 Android features to know in 2020

Android 10 download is here. This article includes android 10 features. Read Top 10 Android features to know in 2020.

top 10 android features in 2020

Top 10 Android features to know in 2020

Checkout some of the most interesting Android 10 tips and tricks


Android 10 is now official and has features for accessibility, dark mode and gesture control. Android 10 is now official. 10 things you should know about Android 10.

Android 10 is here! In this version, we focus on making everyday life easier with features based on machine learning on the device and allowing new technologies like foldable and 5G. At the same time, Android 10 offers more protection, transparency and control over your data with almost 50 changes related to data protection and security

Android 10 has had its own page on the Android website since Tuesday, where the company has highlighted the highlights of this update: accessibility, data protection, gesture control and dark mode.

These are tools that allow deaf or hearing-impaired people to read what others are saying on the screen when they speak to them in real time with Live Transcribe. Or read automatic subtitles for videos with live caption.

But it also includes others such as B. the sound amplification that filters the ambient noise and amplifies the sound according to the frequencies set by the user. Or Smart Reply, which recommends actions on the contacts’ suggestions via the messaging services.

Android 10 also enhances the wellbeing and management tools for mobile use by introducing “Focus” mode, which allows users to choose the applications that distract the user the most and that are silenced.

In addition, with the Family Link function, parents can use smartphones because it connects the devices to the wellness app.

Android 10 improvements

The improvements introduced with Android 10 also relate to data protection and security. In this sense, the smartphone receives the most important patches directly from Google Play as soon as they are available.

Users can also choose when they want to share their location with other applications (always, in use, never), choose which information and applications to use for how long, and disable personalization of ads.

The adjustments related to data protection issues have also been summarized in a new section so that all options are in one place.

Android 10 also introduces dark mode, which affects the appearance of Google applications such as calendars or photos and enables battery optimization.

Another highlight of this version of Android is the gesture control, with which you can perform intuitive actions, e.g. For example, switching from one application to another simply by swiping your finger across the screen from left to right, or vice versa. Return to the above by dragging from the left to the center of the screen. Or return to the main page by sliding the application from the bottom towards the center of the screen.

10 things you should know about Android 10

Here are the 10 things you should know about innovation, security, privacy, and digital wellbeing:

Simpler, smarter and more useful.

  1. Smart answer now suggests action. So if someone sends you a message with an address or video from YouTube, you can open and navigate in Google Maps or open the video in YouTube Copy and Paste is not required. And Smart Reply now works with all of your favorite messaging applications.
  2. Come to the dark side … with Dark Theme. You can activate Dark Theme for your entire phone or for certain applications like photos and calendars. This protects your eyes and the battery of your phone.
  3. Use the new gesture navigation to take advantage of larger screens from edge to edge. With simple swiping movements, you can go back, open the home screen and switch between tasks smoothly. After making changes, you do not want to return to the visible buttons.
  4. With just one touch, Live Caption automatically subtitles videos, podcasts, and audio messages in any application, including the content you record. Live Caption will be available in the fall and will start with pixels.

You are in control with the new data protection and security functions

  1. You can choose to only share location data with applications during use. You’ll also get reminders when an application you’re not actively using accesses your location so you can decide whether to continue or not.
  2. In a new section on data protection in Settings, you will find important controls such as web and application activity as well as display settings in one place.
  3. With updates from the Google Play system, you can now send important security and privacy fixes from Google Play to your phone, just as your applications are updated. You will therefore receive these solutions as soon as they are available without having to wait for a complete update of the operating system.

Find the right balance with technology for you and your family.

  1. You have more control over where and when notifications notify you. Mark notifications as “silent” and they will not make any noise or appear on the lock screen, so you will only receive notifications when you want them.
  2. Family Link is now part of all Android 9 or 10 devices, directly in the Digital Wellness settings. Parents can use these tools to set basic digital rules such as: For example, daily screen time limits, device sleep time, time limits in certain applications, and more. You can also review the applications that children install on their devices and how they are used.
  3. Do you want to be around but not outside the network? Digital well-being now puts you in focus mode. Select the applications that distract you, e.g. Such as email or messages, and turn them off until you exit focus mode. Sign up for the beta to try it out.

Android 10 offers a lot more, including a new business feature that lets you use different keyboards for your personal and business profile, application timers for specific websites so you can reconcile your time online, new gender-sensitive emojis, and more Direct support for audio transmission to hearing aids.

Android 10 will be implemented on pixel phones starting today, and we’re working with our partners to bring and update devices to Android 10 this year.


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