How to protect phone data from recovery? The best way to delete phone data

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How to protect phone data from recovery? The best way to delete phone data

No one can retrieve your phone data now

Why deleting phone data is crucial before selling phone?

With the availability of powerful data recovery software now a day, your phones are on high risk. Whenever, we plan to upgrade latest smartphone, we get to best site to sell used phones. Have we ever thought that in spite of deleting phone data it can be recovered by following few simple steps? That is why; various cybercrime agencies constantly warn smartphone owners to delete phone data permanently before selling it to best places to sell used smartphones. There are a lot of risks involved in it if we don’t swipe our data completely. Some malicious attempts can be done to recover personal information that may include banks credentials, emails, messages, and other gallery files.

How to protect phone data from recovery?

Deleting files from phone and SD card is not the only way to clean phone storage. Yes, files are deleted but stay on system information channels that can be recovered alter. To delete phone data completely, we recommend following procedure:

Beginners guide to delete phone data permanently before selling

Factory Reset

Go to phone settings and tap “factory reset” once you confirm your password and tap yes, phone will delete all data from phone. It may take few minutes to reset everything, but when it will restart you will see everything has been wiped out.

Install unnecessary files and folders in phone storage

It is the best way to protect phone from data recovery. In spite of hard factory reset, phone experts use best software to recover data. So, still there are chances to recover phone data. To avoid this, the best way is to fill complete storage with unnecessary files, photos, and videos. Now factory reset the phone again. Make it sure that your memory is full.

Now, if anyone tries to recover data from the phone, the most recent data will be recovered that is totally trash for you and them too.

Encrypt your smartphone

Encrypting smartphone is another best possible way to secure phone data from recovery. Encrypting makes phone scrambled and if anyone tries to breach it, phone will demand password. To encrypt your phone, simply go to settings, tap security, and select encrypt phone.

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