The best apps to edit photos from Android & iPhone 2021

best apps to edit photos
best apps to edit photos

The best apps to edit photos from Android & iPhone 2021

Free photo editing app: iPhone and Android

One of the functions of our smartphones that we use the most is certainly the one we need to take photos and record videos. Very often then, after having acquired our files, we modify them to eliminate some small imperfection or improve colors and lights in our photographs.

There are many applications that are able to make us do these operations, but there are some that have reached levels comparable to the best PC photo editing and photo development programs.

Obviously the final result will also depend on the smartphone with which we took our photographs and the quality of the same. If we take a photo with a low-end smartphone we cannot expect the final result to be perfect. While, if we take photos with smartphones such as Huawei P30 Pro, Samsung S10 + or an iPhone 11 or X, which have excellent cameras among their features, the result will be surprising.

Even for the type of raw file that they can give us, in fact, with all these devices we will have the possibility to shoot in RAW. This is a type of file larger than a JPG, but which will have a lot of information inside and which will allow us to develop colors, lights and photography without losing quality.

Best Android photo taking app

Returning to the Apps that allow us these changes, certainly one of the best is Google Photo. Once dedicated only to archiving and backing up our photo albums, it now offers the possibility to make changes to our shots. We can adjust saturation, contrast, make cutouts and even create photomontages.

In the end you can decide whether to save them on the device or even on the drive, avoiding taking up too much memory on our smartphone. In short, a really well developed application that solves a lot of problems for us. Obviously it is not the only one that offers us this type of solution or that gives us the possibility to modify our shots.

In the Google Play Store and in the Apple store we find many programs that can be downloaded and installed, many of these obviously in the free version, others for a fee.

App to edit iPhone photos: the best

Another App that we would like to recommend is Adobe Photoshop Express, released by one of the largest software companies that deal with photographic post production. It is light and free. It offers you a lot of possibilities and a variety of options to modify your photography. Obviously it is not the only application that Adobe offers you, if you have taken files in RAW format.

You will also have Lightroom for smartphones available which will give you the possibility to adjust and develop your raw files and then export them in an accessible and printable format for everyone.

The best photo apps you must have on your smartphone

In addition to the applications to download, all our smartphones have proprietary applications that will allow you to edit photos. They don’t have many modification options but it must be said that for small adjustments they are more than enough.

 To access these applications, just click in the options of your shot and then go to edit. This will open the settings menu and from there you can start your changes. Very similar to the applications we have talked about so far, but certainly less precise and powerful.

Another photographic application that almost all of us now use is definitely Instagram. Which when it comes to photo edits, it’s really excellent. Its adjustments are simple and intuitive. Plus, its gallery of preset and adjustable filters is really well stocked. So, if you don’t want too complicated things you can safely rely on one of the most used and downloaded applications of recent years.

The applications are many. These are the ones that, as a final result, guarantee you the best without spending too much in the various app stores. You just have to try to modify some of your shots, you will be amazed.


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