The 5 best apps for scanning documents with your phone

The 5 best apps for scanning documents with your phone
The 5 best apps for scanning documents with your phone

The 5 best apps for scanning documents with your phone

PhoneBechDou created a list with only the best applications for scanning documents using the cell phone camera. Check out what they are!

People who work with many documents over and over again need to find practical ways to share them with others.

Google Drive – Android / iOS

One application that comes pre-installed at least on the Android system is Google Drive, which is used by many people to keep their files safe in the cloud. Although this is his focus, the truth is that Google Drive also has a function for scanning documents with the phone’s camera.

CamScanner – Android / iOS

A well-known option that is available for both Android and iOS (iPhone system) is the CamScanner app. Its differential is due to some functions that can be very useful, such as removing the holes in a notebook page, editing scanned texts and organizing documents by categories.

Despite being very efficient, it should be noted that the documents scanned with the free version of the program have a small watermark and have the OCR function, which allows limited text editing. To remove these limitations, it is necessary to subscribe to the service, which can be annual or monthly.

imple Scan – Android

As its name suggests, Simple Scan is an application that values ​​being simple, but without missing some essential functions. Through it, you will be able to edit the documents scanned with the cell phone and even leave them protected by password, something essential for your privacy and security.

In addition to the functions mentioned above, Simple Scan is also capable of uploading scanned documents to some services in the cloud or even to a computer via its Wi-Fi network. This application does not have an iOS version.

Microsoft Office – Android / iOS

The famous Microsoft suite known for Word and other applications also has a specific function for scanning documents from the cell phone. The process itself is very simple to perform, but the big difference is that Office is also able to scan spreadsheets, which can now be exported to Excel format.

Like Google Drive, it’s also important to remember that all files scanned with Office can be saved directly to the cloud. Besides this process can be performed in the Office application, Microsoft also has the Office Lens application, which basically has the same features and mechanism, but is dedicated to this task.

Adobe Scan – Android / iOS

The last program in our list ends up being another famous company, this being Adobe. With this application, in addition to scanning pages of documents, you can even scan receipts and business cards.

After scanning the documents, including, Adobe Scan allows you to remove small imperfections from files such as smudges, marks and even handwritten writing.


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