Tecno Spark 7 Price in Pakistan: Review and Performance 2021

Tecno Spark 7
Tecno Spark 7

Tecno Spark 7 Price in Pakistan: Review and Performance 2021

 TECNO SPARK 7 is the latest model of the 7-series smartphone from the increasingly popular TECNO Mobile brand. The company’s smartphones are known for offering excellent value for money, targeting the younger generation of buyers.

Who is TECNO Mobile?

TECNO Mobile is owned by Transsion Holdings, a large mobile phone manufacturer based in Shenzhen, China. The company became the largest smartphone manufacturer in the African continent in 2017. She also sells cell phones throughout South Asia. Its smartphone subsidiaries are Tecno, Itel and Infinix. And also companies like after-sales service – Carlcare and accessories – Oraimo.

Transsion’s success in the African market is due to the customization of the features and capabilities of their phones. Transsion smartphones offer options for more expensive devices for much less money. Today the company is one of the fastest growing smartphone brands in India and is beginning to conquer our markets.

Design and appearance

The body of the TECNO SPARK 7 is plastic, with a textured back without a gradient, with the name of the model of an epic smartphone.

The Magnet Black model I tested looks practical, although there are brighter options. The back panel is made of plastic, it is pleasant to the touch and does not collect fingerprints. A module with two main cameras and four backlight diodes is installed in the upper right corner. The element practically does not protrude above the body, so the phone lies securely on flat surfaces.

Next to the cameras in the center is a recessed mechanical fingerprint scanner that works quickly and flawlessly. In the bottom left is the mentioned TECNO SPARK logo. On the right side there are the usual volume and power buttons, in a place convenient for the thumb of the right hand.

The left side is occupied by the SIM tray, which consists of three slots, two are for Nano SIM cards, the third is for Micro-SD memory cards. The tray also has a red rubber seal for partial moisture protection. But, SPARK 7 is not a waterproof smartphone, so I do not advise you to wet it or use it in the rain.

At the bottom there is a main microphone, a Micro USB port for charging and data transfer, as well as a 3.5 mm audio jack. I think phones should already be equipped with USB-C in 2021, but TECNO seems to be unaware of this. It’s good to have a headphone jack anyway, which is becoming a rare addition these days.

You won’t find the speaker grille on the bottom, the sound emitter is located in a completely different place than where you expect to find it. The upper earpiece speaker above the display, hybrid, actually serves as the main transducer. Below, on either side of the TECNO SPARK 7 combo speaker, there are two LEDs that act as a flash when using the front camera. The left one also serves as a charge indicator when the device is connected to power.

Smartphone screen

The TECNO SPARK 7 screen is a 6.52-inch 20: 9 IPS panel with a resolution of 1600 × 720 pixels, 270 ppi with a standard refresh rate of 60 Hz.

There is a waterdrop notch at the top of the display that houses the 8MP front camera. The screen-to-body ratio is 81.3%, due to the fact that the lower chin is slightly larger. This is not bad for a budget smartphone, with most devices in the class offering much smaller screens and poorer ratios.

The brightness of the panel is not the highest, but sufficient. On a sunny summer day, I did not experience any major issues with the readability of the SPARK 7 screen. The software contains many options for customizing the display, which is unusual for a budget smartphone. For example, there are adaptive brightness settings and dark mode. In general, considering the price, the display is not bad.

SPARK 7 cameras

The TECNO SPARK 7 installed a 16MP main camera along with a 2MP depth sensor for better portrait photos.

During the day, in good light, the SPARK 7 smartphone takes good photos, of course, taking into account the class of the device. The detail is high and the dynamic range handles even complex scenes. I also appreciate the low level of noise in the shadows.

In low light, image quality degrades, albeit only slightly, thanks in part to AI (AI – artificial intelligence). The colors deteriorate the most and become less vivid compared to pictures taken outdoors in good lighting. While there is a bit more noise in the dark areas of photos, the camera does a decent job at this price point.

The 8MP front camera captures perfectly acceptable selfies for social media posting. I would recommend using portrait mode as it gives slightly better results compared to AI Cam, which beautifies photos. Portrait shots have decent background blur and edge detection as long as you don’t peer too closely at the pixels.

Video shooting with the main and front cameras is limited to 1080p, although this will be enough for most users. Yes, there are few options, but there is automatic eye focusing, which is very convenient when shooting yourself.

System and software

TECNO SPARK 7 runs on the manufacturer’s own shell – Hios 7.5 on top of Android 11 OS, for the most part fulfilling the main tasks with dignity.

Why mostly? Sometimes the smartphone may lag when opening an application or invoking the on-screen keyboard, although this is not often the case. There are also a couple of unnecessary notifications that quickly fill the panel when you first start the device. Most of them can be hidden by simply swiping with your hand, but to remove some, you will have to go to the application settings and disable.

HiOS has its own apps and features, two of which I particularly like. The first is the automatic sorting of applications by folders on the desktop. I’ve only noticed this in games where if you download or install a new one, it is automatically placed in the game folder.

The second is the device status window, with several shortcuts for recording, screenshots, and applications that you can use in picture-in-picture mode while playing. The option also shows how much CPU and GPU you are using.

Component performance

I have already mentioned special gaming applications. It is comfortable to play on the TECNO smartphone, but only at medium graphics settings. I tried PUBG – the gameplay did not cause any particular problems or complaints, everything worked as it should.

Speaking of the performance test results, they are expected for this processor and acceptable for a class of devices. In the screenshots, you can see the results from Antutu and 3DMark. I would also like to positively note the presence of the NFC module, which allows you to make purchases in a convenient way.

Sound quality

Many users will appreciate the TECNO SPARK 7 headphone jack. The audio output from 3.5mm is of good quality – I advise most users to select this as the default.

The mono speaker, as I already mentioned, is located at the top – combined. The maximum volume of the transducer is not outstanding, however it is sufficient. Yes, the sound lacks detail and low frequencies, although the problem is relevant even for smartphones from the higher price segment.

Audio out via Bluetooth is also sufficient. Using a wired or wireless headset in SPARK 7 is the best solution. Call and call quality is good in all modes. In my opinion, the sound capabilities of the TECNO gadget are quite satisfactory.


The TECNO SPARK 7 is an entry-level smartphone perfect for those looking for a no-frills phone. The device copes well with basic daily tasks, has a large screen, functional software and long battery life.

In addition, you get a case, a protective film and a charging block in the box, which you rarely find in modern realities. In fact, SPARK 7 has some of the best value for money in the budget segment of the market.


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