Tax on mobile phones in Pakistan on sony mobiles

tax on mobile phones in 2019 have been invreased. Read this if you want to import sony mobile phone in Pakistan.

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How much tax on an imported sony smartphone?

Tax on mobiles phones in pakistan on sony smartphones have been increased also. It is crucial to read latest pta mobile phone tax list 2019 before you import a phone. So, you will be able to grasp a true tax price. Similarly, by reading fbr mobile tax policy you can get an idea against your next shipment.

Earlier, there was no visible policy to import mobile phones in pakistan. Consequently, there was no proper and authentic check and balance for mobile import. Mobile retailers had ordered a number of illegal devices in the country. As a result, fbr revenue started declining. Local sales also dropped down.

In addition, these smuggled phones were also roaming in the country that was a real threat to system. In short, pakistan telecommunication authority and federal board of revenue proposed a solid channel to stop this unfair trade.

PTA launched dirbs system. It was specifically built to bring all illegal and legal devices under control. Pta announced a lot of warnings to register mobile phones in pta online system. A major volume of mass showed a positive gesture by registering their devices.

Now, after application of pakistan budget 2019, fbr has released its latest mobile phone policy. According to it, every imported phone will be charged as per new rules and regulations.

Fbr tax on sony mobile phones

  • Sony xperia 20- Rs 36000
  • Sony xperia xz2- Rs 36000
  • Sony xperia xa2 ultra- 20,000
  • Sony xperia l2- 7000
  • Sony xperia xz1- 20000
  • Sony xperia xz premium- 36,000

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