Tax on mobile phones in Pakistan 2019 on vivo smartphones

Tax on mobile phones in pakistan has taken a quick pace. See how much pta tax you will pay on vivo smartphone import in pakistan.

vivo phone pta registeration fee tax - phone bech dou

Tax on mobile phones in Pakistan 2019 on vivo smartphones

How much tax on mobile phones in Pakistan on import?


Mobile tax in pakistan- a quick overview

Earlier, in the beginning of new Govt. the issue of tax on mobile phones is pakistan was a hot topic. According to pta and fbr, there were millions of illegally imported devices circulating in the country. As a result, officials started to take instant measures to stop illegal mobile import. Therefore, concerned authorities defined a plan to curb mobile smuggling. Pakistan Telecommunication Authority and Federal board of Revenue suggested a mobile registration system online.


pta tax on mobile phones- The beginning of pta tax on mobile phones in Pakistan

Before, pta imposed mobile tax, mobile phone dealers across the country started protesting. It caused a great rift for the government. In addition, smugglers increased their speed for illegal mobile import. But relevant authorities didn’t change the law. For instance, a lot of commercials and public awareness campaigns were run. In order to inform people that they should register their mobile phones with pta online as soon as possible.

The introduction of pta dirbs system for mobile phone registration online

Pta launched online mobile verification system. Similarly, it extended many deadlines to give people chance for mobile phone registration. After the deadline, now tax is applied for mobile phone registration in pta. Likewise, fbr has also updated its tax on mobile phones in pakistan policy. In short, public is unaware of recent changes in mobile tax policy pakistan 2019.

To summarize, we have brought to you our latest update on pta taxes on mobile on vivo smartphones.

Tax on mobile phones in 2019 on vivo smartphones

pta mobile tax list 2019 


Vivo mobile models Tax on mobile phones in pakistan on import
Vivo V15 Pro 6GB RAM 128GB Rs20,700
Vivo V11 Pro 4G Mobile 6GB Rs7,200
Vivo V15 6GB RAM 64GB Rs7,200
Vivo V11 Rs7,200
Vivo Y17 4GB RAM 128GB Rs7,200
Vivo V9 Rs7,200
Vivo Y15 4GB RAM 64GB Rs5,400
Vivo Y95 4G Mobile 4GB RAM Rs5,400
Vivo Y91 4G Mobile 3GB RAM Rs5,400
Vivo Y93 3GB RAM 32GB Rs5,400
Vivo Y81 4G Mobile 3GB RAM Rs5,400
Vivo Y91C 4G Mobile 2GB RAM 32GB Storage Rs5,400
Vivo Y81i 4G Mobile 2GB RAM Rs5,400
Vivo Y53 Dual Sim Mobile 2GB Rs5,400


Besides taxes on mobile phone in pakistan, it is our responsibility to import phone through fair channel. We need to condemn all illegal import activities. Furthermore, if you have a used vivo phone for sale in Lahore, sell it on


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