These signs show your phone has been hacked

what are the signs of hacked phone? Hacking has become a major issue since we have become more digital. Read the major symptoms of hacked phones.

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These signs show your phone has been hacked- symptoms of hacked phone

If you see these symptoms in your smartphone, get alert someone is peeking into your phone

Since smartphones have become single access to anything in the world, it has become more vulnerable to digital threats. Our phone may look very small but it has passwords, important credential and everything that we don’t want to share with anyone. It contains a permanent threat to be hacked anytime. But how to know what are the symptoms of a hacked phone?

Before we move towards signs of a hacked smartphone, we need to know the role of security updates in mobile phones. Security updates are set for two years in almost every phone that secure the device from malicious attacks.  It is recommended that keep updating your smartphone firmware so it will be secured enough to be hacked.

Which phones do not carry security updates?

Every smartphone carries this feature except some refurbished phones where some technical modifications are done. You might have seen some devices do not show latest version of the firmware. It keeps on showing older updates. The main reason is, that device is set to be vulnerable for such threats.

How to know your phone has the latest security update?

Before buying a phone, get access to its software update, and check security updates. If it shows the latest version than it is alright but if it shows error or display service unavailable; don’t buy that device. Maybe, you find it cheaper but remember you are selling your privacy in fact.

Suppose you have a smartphone without the latest security update, and you are observing following suspicious activities; someone is breaching your privacy.

Signs of hacked phone

Phone battery is draining fast:

If you notice an unusual battery consumption, it may be a sign of phone hacking. It happens when a serious malware keeps running in the background. When an unusual application is interrupting windows operation, it consumes battery faster.

Phone applications run slow:

in the beginning when we buy phones, it runs smooth and gives optimum performance. Suddenly, it starts lagging and executes commands very slowly. In this situation, phone becomes hotter too. Have you ever thought what the reason is? We might think it is due to the heavy apps, but the bug running in background is disturbing the execution path that makes delay in operating various apps. When these apps find it hard to operate, processor delivers extra power that makes the device hot. So, with the time, you will notice that screen is also getting hot and within few minutes of multi-tasking your battery will be drained on surprising level.

Data consumption has set to higher level

We buy weekly or monthly data bucket and within few days we get to know that our data has been consumed, how? When data consuming increases without any major activity; it is an alarming situation that shows suspicious internet usage being controlled by third party who has access to your device. These spying bugs actually sneak your gallery, messages, and contacts.

Tips to secure your phone from hackers

  • Do not use public WiFi
  • Keep your smartphone up to date
  • Prefer two-way authentication
  • Ignore spams
  • Download official apps only
  • Don’t forget to erase date before you sell your phone

If you are noticing above mentioned signs in your phone, it is better to get a new phone with latest security updates. Sell used phone at and earn instant amount to buy a new device.


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