Step by Step guide to block pop up ads on Android in 2020

How to block ads on your smartphone
How to block ads on your smartphone

Step by Step guide to block pop up ads on Android in 2020

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On Android it is possible to block advertising pop-ups both on Chrome and within applications: here’s how

The pop-up ads are a real nightmare for users: are intrusive, worse browsing online and in some cases even dangerous. If we have accidentally installed adware on our device, a particular type of virus that displays deceptive advertisements, we also risk having to pay weekly or monthly subscriptions to services that we do not want.

The first pop-up ads were created for computers, but with the mass spread of smartphones, companies started making them for mobile phones as well. If already on PCs they are annoying and intrusive, on the small screen of smartphones they make navigation practically impossible. Fortunately, we have the ability to block advertising pop-ups on the Android smartphone. Doing so is very simple, both on the browser and within applications. Here’s how to block pop-up ads on Android.

How to block pop-ups on Chrome and Android browsers

If you have an Android smartphone, you are most likely using the Chrome browser to browse the Internet. Chrome allows users to block the opening of pop up advertisements and redirecting to dangerous websites.

To activate the function you need to open Chrome, press the icon with the three dots at the top right and then on Settings . At this point, select the item ” Site settings ” and on the page that opens, click on ” Popup and redirects “. In the new tab, remove the toggle next to the feature name. This way, the pop – up ads won’t bother your Internet browsing.

The same functionality is also present in the Settings of the other Android browsers, but probably with another name.

How to block pop-ups in Android applications?

The pop-up ads are also within the Android applications, especially in video games. They appear at inopportune moments and annoy our user experience. What to do to block them? Unfortunately, there is no ad hoc setting that allows the blocking of pop ups in Android apps . The only thing that can be done is to purchase the Premium version of the Android apps which eliminates the advertisements.

Virus scan

If after blocking the opening of the pop-ups and purchasing the Premium version of the apps, the advertisements continue to open on the screen, then it means that an adware has entered your Android smartphone. It’s very easy to infect your device with a virus – you download an attachment from an email or content from a malicious website and that’s it.

To eliminate adware from your Android smartphone, you need to install an antivirus or a program to delete malware . There are many on the Google Play Store, even free. We suggest Malwarebytes for Android, a very simple application that eliminates adware from your smartphone in just a few seconds.


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