Smugglers have found new ways to register phones illegally

International travelers are facing strange issues in registering the phone with PTA. Read this, if illegal phones are registered under your CNIC.

illegal phone registeration with PTA DIRBS - Phone Bech Dou

Smugglers have found new ways to register phones illegally

Read how to report illegal phone registration to PTA?

Illegal phone registration in Pakistan

Just a couple of days before, when a Pakistani citizen came from abroad and he went to Customs department to register phone in Pakistan Telecommunication Authority, He came to know that his phone was already registered with PTA. It was shocking for him as it was his first mobile that was going to be registered. Later, when he explored that which phone was registered under his CNIC, Customs department reveled that his phone registration limit was full. In spite of endless discussion, he was unable to convince the concerned authorities.

To curb down smugglers illegal policies to register phone in Pakistan illegally, FBR has already launched its efforts.

When illegal phone registration matter came into government concern, shocking revelations were made. According to the official sources, phone dealers were importing phones and they were paying money to onboard agents to register phone illegally in PTA DIRBS system.

How illegal phone registration is being done?

On the airport, customs authorities have the data of international travelers. It is said that, passengers’ data is being shared and illegal phone import is going through this method. For instance, if anyone wants to register phone with PTA illegally, he can register his device on someone else CNIC by paying a little money. Whereas Pakistan Telecommunication Authority neglects fake phone registration rumours.

How to check your CNIC is used for a third party phone registration?

If you are an international traveler, and you have not enjoyed first free import mobile status; bring a phone to Pakistan and get it registered. If you are informed that you have already registered a phone on your passport or CNIC, it means your data has been shared and someone else has registered phone in Pakistan telecommunication Authority illegally.

How to report illegal phone registration?

If you are the victim of illegal phone registration, contact PTA as soon as possible. To complain, you can visit PTA official website. Share your information there, and block all illegally registered phone devices.

How to register phone in PTA DIRBS system?

To register phone in PTA without paying any commission to any agent, visit the following link. The guide to register phone in PTA and how to pay taxes to register phone in DIRBS system will assist you in simple ways.


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