Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 review, Price in Pakistan 2020

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 review
Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 review

Samsung Galaxy Watch 3 review, Price in Pakistan 2020

Samsung galaxy watch 3 price in Pakistan: 45,000

Coinciding with the launch of the Galaxy Note 20 series , Samsung has also officially brought the new Galaxy Watch 3 to market . A product that collects the legacy of the main alternative to Apple Watch and proposes many of the characteristics of its predecessors with the addition, or rather the return, of one of the elements that have distinguished the Korean manufacturer’s smartwatches for some generations: the rotating bezel .

As we will see shortly, the ring itself represents one of the reasons why this Watch 3 has returned to convince me as it did not happen from the Gear S3 Frontier, HERE in our review . We are probably facing one of the most complete and best functioning Smart watches, especially if we look at the extra-WatchOS universe.

Since smartwatches have existed, I have always lived with a conviction regarding their appearance: they must be as similar as possible to a classic watch . This is obviously a subjective opinion but for this reason I much prefer the solutions with a round dial compared to those that offer a somewhat square display.

You will therefore understand why I particularly appreciated the design of the Galaxy Watch 3 which fully incorporates the appearance of a chronograph and improves, compared to the first Watch, some important aspects in terms of ergonomics.

 I’m talking about the thickness, which is 14% lower than the first generation, and the weight, which stops at 54 grams against the 63 of the model launched in 2018 , to be honest even wider than a millimeter.


The case is made of stainless steel while the front glass and the one protecting the sensors on the back are in Gorilla Glass DX . It is not the DX + of the first version but the resistance to shocks and scratches still seems to be very good. In these days of use I accidentally slammed it on the corner of the desk and lightly crawled against a wall without causing any damage.

In the box Samsung includes a leather strap with a standard 22 mm pitch . A strap that is not exactly super soft, in fact it takes two or three days before it lets go for a moment and fits the shape of the wrist best. If you intend to use the Watch also for tracking physical activity, I still recommend that you buy a second silicone strap, certainly more suitable.


But the bezel is certainly not the only component to have a certain relevance, indeed, among the elements that I definitely appreciated I cannot fail to include the display . It is a 1.4-inch diagonal panel and 360×360 pixels of resolution. The density is consequently good and being an AMOLED screen the blacks are very deep and the contrast extremely high.

This last feature is certainly made possible by the depth of the blacks but also by a very high brightness . I believe it is the brightest display I have seen on board a smartwatch and I can assure you that this feature makes all the difference in the world. Also because it will happen many times that you want to read the time even outdoors under direct sunlight. Here, I can assure you that with this Galaxy Watch 3 you will never have any visibility problems .

As on previous generations, here too we have the always on display which I keep deactivated, however, because the switching on of the panel by rotating the wrist is precise and reactive, so much so that I do not feel the need to activate the AOD and consequently allow me to save a little bit in terms of autonomy.


Did I already mention how intuitive is the interaction system via the ring nut and how ergonomic is the Tizen OS interface (here in version 5.5)? Probably yes, but at the cost of sounding repetitive I say it once again. Using this Watch is a pleasure, there is no Wear OS that takes.

The rotating bezel is really the killer feature of an operating system that has been designed to be displayed on a round screen and which for this reason adopts ad hoc stylistic solutions in the dials, as well as in the app widgets that allow you to better adapt the interface to this form. Solutions that at the same time seem to entice you to just turn the ring to browse and select the elements on the screen.

A method of interaction that offers two main advantages. The first is given by the greater precision with which you can select the elements and scroll the texts, the second, however, is the fact of being able in most cases to control the Watch without our hands covering the view of the screen.


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