Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus review: Lowest Price of s21 plus in Pakistan 2021

Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus review
Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus review

Samsung Galaxy S21 Plus review Lowest Price of s21 plus in Pakistan 2021

Three options, three formats and different possibilities , every year we are faced with a choice that divides both us observers and possible buyers who look to Samsung and one of its top of the range such as Galaxy S21 Plus , the median. The only one of the new family to have changed the battery in favor of a more capacious one, the perfect middle ground for all those who want to aim high, love the large diagonals of the display and do not wrap their heads for the obvious compromises to put in account if you compare it with S21 Ultra .

In recent weeks I have been lucky enough to spend time with all three protagonists of the moment, especially with the “small” Galaxy S21 , with which this “Plus” shares practically the entire hardware and photographic platform. I therefore have in mind the differences between these two and in this review I will try to highlight the true strengths of this older brother.


A detail that immediately caught my eye after a few hours in the company of these Galaxy S21 is their width. Although they were announced as very similar to those of the previous generation, there is one detail that needs to be highlighted: both S21 and S21 Plus have a flat display. A decisive choice after years of various curves and Edge edges, which meets the demands of users and perhaps puts everyone in agreement.

I wrote “maybe” for the simple fact that the flat edges impose a few more millimeters of width with the same diagonal and format, so we are talking about 75.6 mm for the Galaxy S21 Plus against 73.7 mm of the predecessor. A detail that the most attentive will notice, as indeed also the about 15g more that the new model makes to feel on the scale, although the latter could already be explained by the presence of a few more antennas (those of the 5G mmWave, installed but not working in Europe due to lack of special networks) and the 4,800mAh battery.

Returning instead to the appearance, naked and raw, the Galaxy S21 Plus gives the idea of ​​a less extreme smartphone because of these thin, clearly visible side bezels, but on the back it is a whole other story; tastes are tastes, they are not discussed, my opinion is still positive and I recognize a considerable effort in the desire to create something distinctive. I like this family of terminals as I liked the Galaxy Note 20 last summer, all three manage to finally highlight the cameras thanks to this metallic side element. Above all, the finish changes and for lovers of matt, rough surfaces, it is a pleasure for the eyes and touch.


The best is expected from Samsung in this regard and Galaxy S21 also answers the call with top marks, although the diagonal is the same as last year – or 6.7 inches – some of the most important factors have changed. The first is related to the resolution which is now fixed on Full HD + , therefore fewer pixels available than last year and the possibility of setting a refresh rate up to 120Hz.

Maximum theoretical fluidity granted and an important difference from the Galaxy S20 (series), namely the VRR technology and an operating range between 48 and 120Hz , exactly like on Galaxy S21 and Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. The control driver of the panel can thus manage the different situations and vary the frequency, instantly providing more speed in dynamic scenarios and more static (48Hz) in opposite ones, saving energy.

While these may be difficult details to perceive, there is another important aspect of these displays to emphasize, and I speak in the plural because it concerns the whole family: the oleophobic treatment. I am lucky enough to try almost all smartphones on the market and until now I had never had to deal with a similar panel, capable of rejecting all fingerprints and always keeping itself clean on average. Very few reflections, very high maximum brightness and excellent readability even outdoors, it is certainly one of the best Amoled in circulation.

From our surveys performed with Calman, slightly better values result in almost all fronts , with a delta E of the grays that drops to 3.6 (from 4.1 of the GS20 +) and delta E of the colors that averages at 3, 95 (against 4.33 of the GS20 +). Slightly lower instead the sRGB coverage that goes from 99.5% of the predecessor to 98.1% of the current model; small details that certainly do not make the difference, as mentioned then very high brightness with 650nits measured and a peak capable of going far beyond.


It was said that the new Exynos 2100 would be like a breath of fresh air and so it seems to be after a few weeks of use, certainly the music has changed compared to last year but we cannot yet know what the possible advantages of the international variants with Snapdragon will be. 888. It matters little at the moment, because the new S21 family is proving to have the cards to play with everyone, in terms of software and especially hardware.

What matters is in fact the final result and even on this Galaxy S21 you have the perception of maximum fluidity and speed of execution of all the operations, whether they are the mere animations of the One UI 3.1, in multitasking or in the opening of applications. Finally I notice a total homogeneity in the various steps and an interface that responds properly , without having to make particular sacrifices.

Let me explain. The One UI has always shown to have modern graphics and many features available, but only now – with the latest distribution based on Android 11 – do I notice that visual freshness and a dynamic response at the height of the expense; so goodbye lag and excessive consumption. Beautiful transparencies, beautiful interface that remains, in my opinion, one of the best on Android and one of the few to keep its strong identity, but without exaggerating.


This year the cameras have not changed, at least on the Galaxy S21 Plus, but to command everything there is a more advanced platform (and an ISP) , greater graphics processing capacity and an increasingly pleasant and complete App. I believe it is one of the best available on smartphones, perhaps the best together with the iPhone App, which is also fast, intuitive and functional.

So no one expects particular changes compared to last year, Samsung has worked (well) in sharpening the weapons, focusing on the older brother Galaxy S21 Ultra for an even better experience.

The first shots you see below were taken with the main camera, a stabilized 12MP (OIS) with f / 1.8 apertures that boasts very fast and precise Dual Pixel focusing. The images are rich in details even in non-optimal lighting conditions; I noticed a few micro-moves and vivid, bright colors, and an excellent HDR even in backlight. Really rewarding.

Even the ultra-wide-angle camera is 12MP but with an obviously wider (120 °) and less bright (f / 2.2) optics, capable of correcting even those inevitable distortions through software processing. As you can see from the gallery, there are no curved edges and this happens because they are slightly cut and straightened in a few moments.

An always particular and pleasant point of view, perhaps less extreme than others but also more realistic thanks to this software trick.


Summing up, I believe that Galaxy S21 Plus is one of the best smartphones that can be purchased today , certainly expensive given the price range but more than complete, finally. In fact, I have not found any particular compromises except in the recharging operation which, beyond a certain threshold, slows down and certainly takes more time than others.

The rest looks really well thought out, with materials, colors and finishes that gratify the eyes and the touch, the hardware platform and the excellent software customization to complete the picture of a top of the range with a capital “T”. Certainly it is not the Ultra , it does not have the S Pen and not even the photographic potential of the latter, but it boasts the autonomy you expect from a “1000 euro” terminal and an overall acceptable weight.

The frame is therefore the right one and it seems that the necessary steps forward have been made, perhaps not all, but hoping for perfection would perhaps be boring. My advice is not to fear the new colors , find the right offer and focus without hesitation on this model if it is already the object of your (technological) desires and falls within the fixed budget; but, if you have a Galaxy S20 +, hold on to it and wait for the next ride.


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