Samsung Galaxy S20 5G FE Review, price in Pakistan

Samsung Galaxy S20 5G FE Review

Samsung Galaxy S20 5G FE Review, price in Pakistan

Samsung galaxy s20 5G price in Pakistan:


  • Finishes.
  • Well calibrated Oled screen.
  • Comfortable performance.
  • Main photo module satisfactory.
  • Solid autonomy.


  • No mini-jack or adapter.
  • Disappointing secondary photo modules.

The Samsung Galaxy S20 Fan Edition appears to be a more pragmatic version of the Galaxy S20. A technical sheet built on the advice of “fans” and which includes a Qualcomm SoC, requested by many in Pakistan.


The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE is available in 4G and 5G versions. We are testing the second model here, equipped for the occasion with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 SoC. Launched from 95,000 pkr in its 5G version, the S20 FE is positioned under the Galaxy S20 5G in Samsung’s range.

But the Korean manufacturer seems to forget that the prices of its smartphones are dropping rapidly. So you can find Galaxy S20 5G for just a few euros more than this FE Snapdragon model. Which of the two should you choose? Should we turn to a Xiaomi Mi 10 or a OnePlus 8  ? The answer in this test .

Ergonomics and design

Unlike its flagships, Samsung has given its S20 FE a wide range of different colors. The mobile is covered on the back with a mat plastic, far from being a bad look. This material even has several advantages over glass since it is less fragile and does not become covered with fingerprints. In contact with the hand, the plastic is rather pleasant and the curved edges of the back allow it to hug the hand.

The Galaxy S20 FE differs from its more upscale cousin by its flat screen. Thin borders then appear on the sides of the display. This is not enough to start the beautiful optimization of the front, on which the screen occupies 91.4% of the surface. However, the 6.7 inches diagonal of the Oled panel makes it difficult to use it with one hand. To cover the screen as much as possible, you will have to arm yourself with your minimum two inches .

Samsung has grouped the lock and volume control buttons on the right edge of the device. Positioned high enough, they require a little gymnastics to reach them. The fingerprint reader is for its part located under the screen. It falls perfectly under the thumb when holding the mobile in hand and remains accessible in the vast majority of cases. The Galaxy S20 FE has an IP68 waterproof certification, but abandons its mini-jack. The absence of a USB-C to mini-jack adapter in the box causes the Korean smartphone to lose its 5th star in this part of the test.

While it is not possible to connect a wired headset, the Samsung Galaxy S20 FE at least has the merit of having two good quality stereo speakers. Certainly, we should not expect bass, but their rendering is quite clean and saturates very little, even at full volume.


The Galaxy S20 FE takes advantage of Samsung’s display know-how. Its 6.7-inch diagonal Amoled panel logically enjoys an excellent contrast ratio. The Korean manufacturer is satisfied with a Full HD + definition, largely sufficient for the majority of uses and above all less energy-consuming than the WQHD +. The screen of the Galaxy S20 FE manages to remain readable in all circumstances. We measured its maximum brightness at 788 cd / m², which allows it to compensate for a somewhat high reflection rate (53.7%). The screen brightness can drop to 1.7 cd / m², low enough not to glare in complete darkness.


One of the most interesting points for the Pakistanan consumer remains the possibility of opting for a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 SoC. Indeed, Samsung usually chooses to equip its smartphones with Exynos SoCs in Pakistan, while these are Qualcomm chips. which are used in other parts of the world. If Samsung promises that the two models offer equivalent services, Pakistanan models often seem less well off. During our tests, we systematically noted that Samsung mobiles equipped with Snapdragon chips were more efficient than those which draw from the Korean Exynos catalog.

This is verified once again with the Galaxy S20 FE which we are testing on our SmartViser protocol. The smartphone scores 97 in multitasking exercise. A score which guarantees in practice an excellent fluidity in the great majority of uses, even greedy ones. With 8 GB of RAM, there is nothing surprising and this is not where the difference is the most marked with the Exynos models.

On the other hand, for video games, Qualcomm SoCs and their Adreno iGPUs are often far ahead of their Mali competitors that are on board the Exynos SoCs. In our test, the Galaxy S20 FE 5G reached an index of 104. An excellent result which translates into a very good performance against demanding 3D games, with an average close to 60 fps. For comparison, know that the Samsung smartphone in Exynos SoC the best performing on our video game test to date is the Galaxy Note 10+ which points to an index of 91, for an average of 51 fps.


The Samsung Galaxy S20 FE makes the choice of 3 photo modules on the back which differ from those of the classic Galaxy S20. We find :

  • Main module: 12 megapixel sensor and optical equivalent 26 mm opening at f / 1.8
  • Ultra wide-angle module: 12 megapixel sensor and 13 mm equivalent lens opening at f / 2.2
  • Telephoto module: 8 megapixel sensor and 76 mm equivalent optical lens opening at f / 2.4


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