Samsung Galaxy Note 20 leaks 2020: Latest price in Pakistan, specs & release date

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 leaks 2020: Latest price in Pakistan, specs & release date

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 leaks 2020: Latest price, specs & release date

Samsung upcoming Smartphone: Note 20 expected specs & screen size

Samsung galaxy note 20 price in Pakistan: Rs. 179,999

Samsung galaxy note 20 ultra price in Pakistan: 210,000

Samsung note 20 release date in Pakistan: Samsung Galaxy Note 20 launch date is August 5, 2020

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Official video in Pakistan:

The Galaxy Note 20 is in the starting blocks. We’ll tell you what we already know about the release, price and specs of the upcoming Samsung phone.

The Galaxy S20 series has been commercially available since March 2020, and Samsung fans are now looking at the next top model from the South Korean manufacturer. A new Galaxy Note model traditionally leads Samsung’s portfolio in the second half of the year. This differs primarily from the S-Pen that was released in the spring. Samsung is increasingly targeting business customers with the model. It is still unclear what the next Samsung Smartphone will be called.

How much will the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 costs?

How much the Note 20 will cost is not yet known. According to rumors, the Samsung phone is said to be cheaper than its predecessor, at least in the United States. The starting price here should still be a whopping $ 999. We therefore assume that the price in this country is at the same level as that of the predecessor.

What are the innovations of the Samsung Galaxy Note 20?

As a rule, new Galaxy Note models are similar to the Galaxy S models presented in the spring. This year, however, Samsung could make major changes to the Galaxy Note 20 compared to the Galaxy S20.

Samsung galaxy note 20 Design

So there are rumors on the web about a new design. Several times recently pictures appeared on official Samsung channels showing a cell phone without a notch or punch hole in the display. The manufacturer could give us an outlook on the upcoming Galaxy Note 20. We already know that Samsung is working on a front camera that is hidden underneath the display. The technology is not yet ready for the market, but Samsung could instead opt for a pop-up camera, such as you know from the OnePlus 7 Pro . Recently there have been rumors about a new Galaxy A model with such a camera on the web.

Furthermore, rumors are circulating online that Samsung could present a Note 20 model with a foldable display and S-Pen . Samsung had the design of such a device protected by the US Patent Office in March . It is unlikely that this device will be marketed under the name “Galaxy Note 20”. Samsung has emphasized to investors that the fold and note series will continue separately.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20: These pictures are circulating on the web

However, the first images that recently appeared on the Galaxy Note 20 online suggest that Samsung will stick to the design introduced with the Galaxy S20. In any case, the slot for the S-Pen should now be on the bottom left and not on the right. This indicates a new structure for the interior of the cell phone.

The Note 20 will be available in gray, green and copper at the market launch . Samsung plans only two color variants for the Plus model: black and copper.

Samsung galaxy note 20 Display

The Galaxy Note 20 should offer a 6.42-inch display, the Note 20+ have a screen size of 6.87 inches . The screen of the Note 20 should only offer a refresh rate of 60 Hertz, while the Note 20+ should also be able to display images with up to 120 Hertz.

According to another insider, the Note 20+ will be able to dynamically adapt the refresh rate to the content. A similar technology should also be used in the iPhone 12 . In addition, the screen should support the increased refresh rate even with QHD + resolution. With the S20, however, you can only use 120 Hertz with Full HD resolution. The manufacturer had already announced that it wanted to correct this shortcoming.

Samsung galaxy note 20 processor

The decision to equip the cell phones in different countries with different processors caused a lot of discussion in the Samsung Galaxy S20 series. The S20 is sold in the USA, South Korea and China with the Qualcomm chip Snapdragon 865, but in Germany with Samsung’s Exynos 990 processor. It performs worse in relevant benchmarks and should not be as efficient as the chip from the US manufacturer. Samsung fans have therefore submitted a petition and want to get Samsung to sell their cell phones with Qualcomm chips in this country too.

However, we do not expect the manufacturer to change its processor strategy for the Galaxy Note 20. A move away from the Exynos processor is not expected until 2021, if at all. However, there is still hope for better performance. Because rumors say Samsung is working on an improved Exynos processor called Exynos 992. The chip is said to be an enormous update compared to the Exynos 990. This should make possible, among other things, a change to the 5-nanometer manufacturing process.

Samsung galaxy note 20 battery pack

There is good news to report in terms of battery. Rumor has it that Samsung will significantly increase capacity. A battery capacity of 4,000 instead of 3,500 milliamp hours (mAh) is traded for the basic model; the capacity of the energy store is to increase from 4,300 to 4,500 mAh for the Plus model. Since Samsung already significantly increased the battery capacity for the Galaxy S series this year, we assume that the manufacturer will do the same for the Note series.

Samsung galaxy note 20 Storage

The Galaxy Note 10 offered at least 256 gigabytes of device memory, but the successor will apparently also be available with 128 gigabytes of memory, according to the usually well-informed SamMobile fan blog from company circles. It is conceivable that Samsung will also reintroduce the microSD card slot at the same time. The South Korean manufacturer had deleted this on the Note 10. A benchmark entry also indicates an increase in RAM. There is speculation about up to 16 gigabytes of device memory.

Samsung galaxy note 20 Camera

Samsung has already confirmed that the manufacturer is working on cameras with even higher resolutions than the Galaxy S20 Ultra with its 108 megapixels. According to Samsung, the goal is a resolution of 600 megapixels! With the Galaxy Note 20, however, we do not expect any noteworthy innovations in this area. Samsung will probably only delete the ToF sensor. The much criticized space zoom could also fall victim to the red pencil, instead the camera of the Note 20 should have a much better auto focus.

Samsung galaxy note 20 Technical data at a glance

The following table summarizes the specifications of the upcoming Samsung phones that are traded online. Please note that this information has not yet been confirmed. We update the table regularly as soon as there is new information about the devices.

SpecsGalaxy Note 20Galaxy Note 20+
Display6.42 inches (Full HD +, 60 Hertz)6.87 inches (QHD +, variable refresh rate)
processorExynos 992Exynos 992
random access memory10 GB16 GB
Device memory128 GB, expandable128 GB, expandable


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