Samsung Galaxy J4 Review

Samsung Galaxy J4 is the best phone under 20000 in Pakistan. but before buying this device, have an overview of its specs first.


Samsung needs no introduction in introducing best quality smartphones under 20000 in Pakistan. Regardless of its component quality, it brings smartphones for all classes and customers. If you are looking for latest top quality specifications, Samsung has a lot in its inventory, but if you are low on budget and want to buy a good phone with a decent specification, Samsung offers you a wide range of phones with great looks.

Samsung J4 Specs

Size: 5.5 Inches  , 720 x 1280 Pixels resolution
Android V8.0 Oreo 
Dual Sim
4G Band: 
LTE band
175 g
Black, Gold, Orchid Gray
Mali-T720 MP2  
Exynos 7570 Quad
1.4 GHz Quad Core 
Camera Main: 
13 MP, 5 MP
(Li-ion Removable), 3000 mAh 
16GB Built-in, 2GB RAM

Samsung Galaxy J4 Review

Samsung Galaxy J4 is one of the latest phones of Samsung J flagship. Samsung has introduced powerful Exynos 7570 Quad chipset that we can consider one of the best features in this model. Along with other dominant features like; camera, better RAM, decent touch, and a good battery, it is supported with LTE 4g technology that will boost web browsing experience. We can say that it is a good phone for users who love to play the latest games on normal graphics and want seamless computing experience without hanging.

Samsung Galaxy J4 Display review

Samsung Galaxy J4 carries 5.5 inches multi-touch Super AMOLED Capacitive Touchscreen. Where similar phones with better RAM capacity offers a capacitive touchscreen, Samsung takes an edge here by installing high-end super AMOLED screen. Samsung focuses mainly on a balance mobile integration to make its phone perfect in each field rather taking advantage in a single side. With better 720 x 1280 Pixels resolution, enjoy HD video on clear pixels as it is supported by 267 PPI density that is considered good or latest mobiles which support high-quality videos and images. Similarly, Samsung J4 provides stunning three-color options; Black, Gold, Orchid Gray that means a perfect combination of top popular colors.

Samsung Galaxy J4 GPU Review

Mali-T720 MP2  is a mid-range GPU that is not considered best for latest heavy graphics games. In spite of introducing a new model, Samsung lacks in equipping J4 with a decent graphics. Because nowadays people have inclined towards mobile games and phone manufacturing companies are also introducing phones with heavy RAM capacity along with better GPUS. Although it is energy saving and improves the overall performance of the phone, but if you are looking for a phone to play the latest heavy games, it would not be the best option. Yes, in the beginning, when low graphics games were being added on Playstore and other games station, this phone was the best choice. But, now technology improvisation has changed the requirement of hardware too.

The key benefits of Mali-T720 MP2

  • Energy efficient by 150% as compared to the predecessor
  • Cost effective,
  • Better visual quality

Mali-T720 MP2 Features

  • 4x Full Scene Anti-Aliasing
  • API Support- full support for 2D and 3D graphics application
  • Memory System- built in MMU to support virtual memory
  • Multicore 1-8 scaling
  • ASTC for improved image quality

Samsung J4 Chipset review

Exynos 7570 Quad is Samsung’s own manufacturing that is specially built to reduce power consumption. Every day, phone manufacturing companies are introducing sleek and light phones that look attractive, but bigger battery capacity is a problem to adjust the style. Although many phones come with higher mAH capacities, Samsung has focused on to refine preinstalled hardware buy improving its performance. Exynos 7570 chipset is the example of this innovation stream that has reduced energy consumption by up to 70%. It works perfectly with the other components like GPU to give a seamless experience. It is good for 3d visual applications.

Exynos 7570 specifications

  • CPU- 1.4GHz Quad-Core (Cortex®-A53)
  • GPU- T720 MP2
  • Display- HD (1280×720)
  • LTE Modem- LTE Cat.4 2CA 150Mbps
  • Memory- LPDDR3
  • Video- Full HD 30fps encoding and decoding
  • Camera-Rear 13MP, Front 8MP

Samsung Galaxy J4 Performance

Samsung galaxy j4 is a perfect machine who loves Samsung phones under 20k in Pakistan. It has a combination of all latest hardware and software. Its amazing capacity to run multiple apps at the same time, a better image capturing quality and Amloed screen, give you a cinematic graphics experience.

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