Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 Complete Review & Price in Pakistan 2021

Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 Complete Review
Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 Complete Review

Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 Complete Review & Price in Pakistan 2021

Not everyone needs a lot of advanced features on smartwatches or fitness bracelets. Most users do not need to know the oxygen saturation level, constantly take an ECG or use the built-in GPS. If you want a simple wearable gadget for daily body tracking, the Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 is great for that.

The Galaxy Fit 2 fitness tracker costs from 90usd, although it has all the necessary functions and the claimed 15 days of battery life from a single charge. This is the type of device that you generally forget about having on your hand. What else is there? Find out in my review.

Design and appearance

 The simplicity of the Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 is already evident from the design, however, there are both pleasant and unpleasant surprises here. Choosing a red strap gives the tracker a sportier look. On the hand, the gadget feels comfortable, but the strap is not fastened in the most convenient way, here Samsung is a little too clever. When the accuracy of the heart rate sensor is not important, you can loosen the strap slightly and tighten it again during exercise.

This is usually a simple process, but the mechanism used here can easily freak out. In all other respects, the wearable gadget is good and fits securely on your wrist.

Display and control

The brightness of the 1.1-inch AMOLED screen of the Galaxy Fit 2 is pleasantly striking, even during the day with an average value, the contents are perfectly readable. It also allows you to further extend the battery life of the device. The display is color, which makes the Galaxy Fit 2 look more attractive than the boring and monochrome Fitbit bracelet.

The Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 fitness tracker is controlled through the screen and a small touch area below it, which is easy to miss. There is a thin outline around it, indicating the point of pressing, but in bright light, the outline becomes invisible. The operating system is fast when the interface is simple and straightforward.

 For navigation, gestures and presses are used, there are no special difficulties here. Overall, the design, display, and software of the Galaxy Fit 2 ensure a pleasant use, with a slightly annoying strap mechanism spoiling the experience.

Tracking and functions

 The minimalism of the Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 is also evident in the feature set for body tracking. This Samsung bracelet only has a heart rate sensor, accelerometer and gyroscope. You won’t be able to measure oxygen saturation in your blood, take heart rate readings, see your run route using GPS, or even add altitude data using an altimeter.

But Galaxy Fit 2 is able to track the training process itself, count steps and save information about your sleep. There are a number of preset sports workout types on your device, although you can add your own. You don’t need to take off your Samsung fitness tracker while swimming, the device can count your strokes and distance covered.

 After the end of the swim, you will receive a final assessment in the form of an indicator SWOLF – the level of effectiveness of the training session. As for other sports features, swiping left on the screen will display steps, heart rate, distance traveled, and sleep information. You can set reminders to move around when sedentary or wash your hands. But, the last option is non-automatic, like on the Apple Watch, it simply prompts you to wash your hands – at a certain interval.

The Galaxy Fit 2 tracker also tracks stress levels, although this feature is not suitable for medical use. Often the gadget showed a much higher level of tension in my body than other devices like the Honor Watch ES or Oppo Watch. In terms of the accuracy of the sensors, everything is not unambiguous here either, the heart rate does not differ much from the wearable gadgets of competitors, and the indicators of steps taken and calories burned are often lower.

Smartphone app

 To sync Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 with your smartphone, you need two apps: Galaxy Wearable and Samsung Health, both are compatible with Android and iOS. Health stores all information from sensors, and you can also add your own activity indicators like meals or data from other devices there.

The application is not the most attractive and intuitive to use, Google Fit, for example, is more convenient and functional in this regard. It’s a little strange that you can’t quickly measure your current heart rate here, although the latest readings are stored on some watch faces.

Sleep tracking and notifications

 The Galaxy Fit 2 shows sleep stages, duration, and even gives “performance points.” However, the tracking itself does not work well, the gadget sometimes skips deep sleep phases, so it is unsuitable for accurate data collection and analysis.

There is also the ability to receive notifications from a paired smartphone, which are often needed. Despite the small display, it is possible to read messages in a stripped down form, and there is even a quick reply function for WhatsApp or Twitter. Apps and messengers that can send notifications are configured in Galaxy Wearable software.

Galaxy Fit 2 battery life

Samsung has made some big claims about the Galaxy Fit 2’s battery life, but there are a few nuances here. You should immediately forget about 21 days of work, as well as 15 days if you plan to constantly use most of the tracker’s functions. Sleep tracking options can be ditched to maximize battery life, although the device weighs only 21 grams and definitely doesn’t get in the way at night.

 To reach 21 days, Samsung says most features like sleep monitoring; heart rate measurement and automatic exercise tracking need to be dropped. According to the Korean company, on average, one battery charge will last 15 days. In practice, even if you occasionally use workout tracking, a heart rate sensor, and warm-up reminders, the device will not be able to get to that time.

On a day, the Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 loses about 10% of its charge, although it only tracks sleep.


The Samsung Galaxy Fit 2 isn’t trying to be the perfect fitness tracker for training or competitive training. This device provides the user with only the most basic functions. You can do any workout from swimming to horse riding, and the gadget will provide general information about your activity. However, this is not an excuse that sleep and some body metrics are inaccurately monitored, and the battery will only last long if you give up most of the functions.

Should you buy?

 I didn’t think it would ever happen, but Samsung has created an extremely successful product that offers a lot for relatively little money. The Galaxy Fit2 is not much more expensive than its direct competitors, while offering no less and polished software.


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