Samsung Galaxy A52 Best Review, Price & Performance

Samsung Galaxy A52 Best Review
Samsung Galaxy A52 Best Review

Samsung Galaxy A52 Best Review, Price & Performance

 As a result, the A series became the best-selling Korean company. All thanks to the excellent value for money and functionality. But, the new Galaxy A52 is not the most budget phone, although it does offer many modern features. The 4/128 GB version will cost you 55,000, and for the 8/256 model you will have to pay from 58,000.

Design and appearance

Samsung is striving to give the Galaxy A line a unique style, not just core features. Therefore, the design of the A52 has undergone significant changes compared to previous models.

The back cover has become more pleasant to the touch, and among the colors there are: black, white, purple and blue. Unlike most rival smartphones, the back panel of the Samsung Galaxy A52 is barely rounded, which is a bit odd. The smartphone is not too heavy – only 189 grams. The side bezels are made of plastic, just like the back cover, but the screen is covered with Gorilla Glass 5. We also get IP67 water protection – a first for the Galaxy A series.

I am glad that there is a 3.5 mm headphone jack on the bottom edge next to which there is a USB-C port and a speaker directed downward. Together with the spoken word, they form a stereo pair. At the top there is a hybrid slot for two SIM-cards. Instead of one of them, you can install microSD. There is nothing on the left side face, and on the right are the power and volume buttons.

The bezels around the 6.5-inch display are thin, although larger than the Galaxy A51. The hole with the front camera is at the top, in the middle. An optical fingerprint scanner is installed under the screen, although it works a little slower than mechanical counterparts. The only thing I’m missing here is the notification LED.

Smartphone screen

There are two color profiles to choose from: Vivid (default) and Natural. The former has a hue slider and white balance adjustment. Natural Profile – Designed to cover the entire sRGB space, and does an excellent job. Unfortunately, there is no HDR here, however, there is support for Widevine L1 technology. Services like Netflix will offer you Full HD content.

Samsung has added blue-tint eye protection to the Galaxy A52, which adjusts colors based on the time of day. Towards evening they will be warmer. The mode can be turned on according to a specified schedule, just like Dark mode.

As far as the 90Hz refresh rate is concerned, it no longer seems incredible. But, the animations have become noticeably smoother, and the responsiveness is higher. Unfortunately, the panel’s frequency is not adaptive, so it always has one value.

Galaxy A52 cameras

The Samsung Galaxy A52 has a familiar set of cameras. The main 64MP lens is paired with a 12MP ultra wide-angle lens (the previous model had 8MP). There is a 5 MP macro camera, as well as a 5 MP depth sensor. However, the 32MP front camera is more surprising.

The shooting app has a number of interesting modes. For example, AR Doodle – allows you to add funny drawings right during shooting, which will be fixed on the object in the frame.

 Multi-shot mode – takes multiple shots, combining them into short clips, with one click. So you can save important moments from the main and wide-angle cameras as a short video.

The photos taken from the main sensor are pleasant, although nothing special can be said about them. The colors are not too saturated, and close to natural. The detail is high, but there is a lot of noise, which is rarely found on Samsung smartphones.

By default, the main camera shoots in 16MP mode with pixel binning. The 64-MP mode is also available, in which the details are noticeably higher. Even HDR looks better here. Although the smartphone lags a little when saving such photos, the difference in quality is worth it.

The Galaxy A52 does not have a telephoto lens – however, with 2x magnification of the images from the main camera, the zoom effect is not bad. But the 4x and 10x zoom leaves much to be desired.


Samsung is well aware that optimized software is essential for high component performance. Therefore, in the new models of the Galaxy A line, the software has been significantly improved.

The Galaxy A52 runs the latest version of One UI 3.1, on top of Android 11. The smartphone will receive three major system updates and four years of support for security updates. In theory, the A52 will wait until Android 14 is released in 2023. Samsung’s software support is excellent here.

Hardware Performance

The hardware of the Samsung Galaxy A52 is not the most powerful – although not bad. The Snapdragon 720G processor is suitable for most tasks, but is inferior to a number of competitors. For example, OnePlus Nord runs on SD765G, although it costs about the same. However, many will appreciate that Exynos is not here.


Samsung has managed to create some truly impressive smartphones this year, including the mid-range ones. Samsung Galaxy A52 is close to flagships in many respects, while it costs adequate money.


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