Samsung Galaxy A42 5G review: Best mid-Range Smartphone

Samsung Galaxy A42 5G review
Samsung Galaxy A42 5G review

Samsung Galaxy A42 5G review : Best mid Range Smartphone

We had never seen so many Samsung smartphones with Qualcomm chips like this year, maybe some alarm bells rang in Seoul or, more simply, the technicians realized the actual gap between the Exynos chips and the various Snapdragons . It matters little, well for us that we can finally enjoy ourselves with increasingly functional and powerful terminals such as the Galaxy A42 5G , among the most anticipated at the end of 2020 considering the premises.

In fact, the interest is raised by the Snapdragon 750 chip that I praised so much in its first “public release” on M10 10T Lite , one of the two SoCs of the San Diego house that has brought 5G even in the medium-low range of the market and a convincing hardware basis for any partner. 

Polycarbonate body without too many accents, with a simple back and characterized by 4 bands with gradation increasing upwards; the only distinctive element is the square system of the rear cameras.

It’s just a pity that Samsung has decided to launch it with some bottlenecks , perhaps specially designed to keep the real price low and not bother the other models of the Galaxy A family. After trying it in the past few days, I’m therefore ready to give you some reason to buy it and some other to not do it.


Among the positive notes I put the entire hardware platform as expected, in addition to the excellent Snapdragon 750 we also have 4GB of RAM and 128GB of storage on UFS 2.2 particularly fast (920 MB / s in reading and 480 MB / s in writing) . Equipment capable of making the One UI 2.5 run properly in all situations, with the right reactivity and pleasant, precise, lag-free animations. 

Complete connectivity as the SD X52 modem promises, it is one of the highlights with support for 5G (sub6Ghz), dual-band WiFi ac, BT 5.0 and of course NFC chip.

It is certainly not lightning, mind you; using it it is quite clear that we are not in front of a higher-class smartphone such as those that integrate the SD765 5G chip. Furthermore, we do not have a refresh rate on the display that goes beyond the canonical 60Hz and therefore no simulated acceleration to support.


  • Display : 6.6 “Super AMOLED HD +, Infinity-U (drop notch)
  • Processor : Qualcomm Snapragon 750G (SM7225-2-AB), Octa Core CPU (2 cores @ 2.2 GHz + 6 cores @ 1.8 GHz)
  • Memory :
    • 4GB of RAM
    • 128GB of storage (UFS 2.2), expandable up to 1TB
  • Camera :
    • Quadruple rear:
      • 48MP, f / 1.8
      • 8MP, f / 2.2, wide angle
      • 5MP, f / 2.4, macro
      • 5MP, f / 2.4, depth
    • Front: 20MP, optics with f / 2.2 aperture
  • 5G connectivity
  • Battery 5,000 mAh with support for charging at 15W
  • Dimensions and weight : 164.4 x 75.9 x 8.6 mm, 193 grams
  • Other : In-screen fingerprint reader, USB Type-C fast charging, Samsung Pay support

Finally I have had to deal with an optical fingerprint reader that works well and is fast; Samsung has made us suffer a little in the past with the biometric sensors of the “Galaxy A” family but we have left those times behind us now: it unlocks in an instant and is also very precise, a pity only for the positioning.

 It is in fact too low for my taste, especially given the dimensions that remain important (164.4 x 75.9 x 8.6 mm) and make it slightly uncomfortable to reach that point.

And then there is the 5,000mAh battery that makes the difference and allows you to use it peacefully for a whole day, stressing it properly and closing with at least 30% charge. I do not aim for 48 consecutive hours but I do not think it is an impossible destination for those who use their smartphone little and do not receive hundreds of notifications a day. Too bad for the recharge, a topic that I deal with below in the chapter on compromises.


Bello the diplay Super Amoled 6.6-inches , the colors are brilliant, bright, with a maximum brightness that allows easy reading even outside, too bad only one detail is HD +! Yes, you got it right, Samsung has integrated a panel with a resolution of 720 x 1600 pixels on a smartphone that is priced at € 369.90. The question that arises spontaneously is the most obvious, why ???

In the immediate future I did not notice this absurd limit, I admit that with the naked eye it is not immediately noticeable but after a while the limited number of pixels and the lack of definition of certain elements emerge, both in the interface and in the use of the contents.

 For example, given the resolution, it is not possible to watch videos on YouTube over 720p (HDR). The icing on the cake, the central notch that I thought we had left behind; it is true that these are tastes but the hole is in my opinion more discreet aesthetically .

Talking about “fast charging” with a 15W adapter is more than an exaggeration, we should rather define it as a “slow” recharge , almost like a snail. Direct competition has now shown that it is possible to take advantage of even double charging speeds without incurring particular problems, the excuse of safeguarding the system no longer holds.

Finally, I must point out a lack of software optimization by Samsung that creates some lag in gaming , with small and almost imperceptible slowdowns or frame jumps that make my sessions at Cod Mobile unpleasant. The Adreno 619 GPU cannot be the bottleneck because I have already played enough on other smartphones with this SoC and I had never encountered certain indecisions. I guess everything can be solved with a trivial software update, hopefully soon.

PHOTO AND VIDEO Review Samsung A42

 In command is the main 48MP image sensor with f1.8 aperture , an old acquaintance that behaves fairly well in all conditions and manages to satisfy me even in low light conditions. It is not very fast in the shot, it always passes a few moments once you click on the button, but the result is what matters.

Alongside there is the 8MP f / 2.2 wide-angle camera that allows you to expand the field of view up to 123 ° while maintaining a good level of detail and moderate distortion. I see some chromatic coherence between the two image sensors, they can then be swapped quickly using the appropriate icons.

To complete the picture, in addition to the omnipresent 5MP depth sensor, there is also a 5MP macro with fixed focus on the back , which therefore allows you to shoot very close. I don’t love them, especially when autofocus is missing, but I have to admit that the quality isn’t that bad.

At the front, inside the central notch, there is instead a 20MP image sensor that offers, as usual, a “double display”, with automatic crop set. Definitely good quality but different management of the lights (note the color of the sky), here are the two perspectives:

Videos that can be recorded up to 4K at 30fps with both cameras (and switches even during recording), in line with the standard of the category; certainly lose stabilization, in fact many vibrations are perceived in movement and the detachment from the upper band is clear.


Ultimately, lights and shadows for this Galaxy A42 that manages to convince on several fronts but at the same time reveals its limits, is a smartphone that we could perhaps describe as divisive. I imagine it as ideal for many who love the Samsung user experience associated with a long battery life, a determining factor in the choices of many buyers

. The Korean house hardly disappoints then on the photographic front and also in this round it has managed to bring home a convincing system for the belonging range, with main and wide-angle image sensor that offer the right precision and homogeneity.

Instead, it could be the wrong choice for those who, in addition to the classic smartphone functions, essentially want to play and maybe watch streaming content, for them I imagine a different model, more focused on the multimedia sector.


Description: 750 5GDescription: OF UFS MEMORY 2.2Description: BATTERYDescription: PERFORMANCE

Description: CHARGINGDescription: + DISPLAYDescription: FEW LAGS IN GAMINGDescription: INCISIVE MONO SPEAKER


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