Samsung Galaxy A12 Lowest Price in Pakistan 2021: A12 Samsung Review

Samsung Galaxy A12 Lowest Price
Samsung Galaxy A12 Lowest Price

Samsung Galaxy A12 Lowest Price in Pakistan 2021: A12 Samsung Review

Lowest price of Samsung galaxy A12 is 27,000

If you find out about new versions of phones from advertisements on TV, then you have probably seen a lot of models from Samsung. Of course, the Korean company also has budget devices. One of these is the new Samsung Galaxy A12 smartphone that came to me for tests.

The Galaxy A12 has a large 6.5-inch display, a quad camera system on the back, and looks like a premium model on the outside.

Smartphone features

The Galaxy A12 differs in many ways from previous affordable Samsung smartphones – mainly through the use of the MediaTek Helio MT6765. Previously, all of the company’s phones were powered by either Qualcomm Snapdragon or their own Exynos chipsets.

However, here we get a processor with eight cores, four of which are clocked at 2.3 GHz, and the remaining at 1.6 GHz. RAM 3/4 GB, when the internal memory can be 32 or 64 GB. In 2021, you need at least 4 GB of RAM for normal operation, although the amount of internal memory is not so important – there is support for microSD cards up to 1 TB.

The four cameras on the back are symmetrically arranged in a square protruding module. The main lens has a resolution of 48 MP (f / 2.0), aided by an ultra wide-angle lens of 5 MP (f / 2.2) and two sensors of 2-MP (f / 2.4). The first determines the depth of the scene, the second is for close-up shots.

Design and appearance

Even though it is clear from the specifications that the Samsung Galaxy A12 is not a flagship, the design does not give it away.

There are practically no bezels around the 6.5-inch screen, although the “chin” is noticeable from below. The front camera is housed in a tiny teardrop notch at the top. It is a little striking, but the same can be said for any other solution.

The back cover is made of plastic, outwardly the material is almost indistinguishable from metal. The lower part has a smooth matte surface, but the rest of the area is covered with protruding diagonal lines. They give the Galaxy A12 a slight wrinkle appearance for a comfortable grip.

The module with the main cameras protrudes slightly above the surface, so the device is uneven on a flat table. The fingerprint scanner is built into the power button on the right side, which is convenient. It’s worth noting that the A12 has a number of useful features that premium smartphones often lack. The device supports microSD memory card and has a 3.5mm headphone jack.

In general, the design is pleasant and comfortable. Of course, there is no wireless charging or IP-rated water protection, but this should not be counted on in the budget price segment.

Samsung A12 Display

As a display, Samsung Galaxy A12 received a 6.5-inch PLS-panel (similar to IPS from Samsung). Its resolution is 1600 × 720, which is approximately 264 pixels per inch.

And while this is far from the Full HD resolution found on many other smartphones, detail is fine here, even with such a large screen. The sRGB color space coverage is 88%, the tints are not very accurate. While the maximum brightness of 420 nits isn’t impressive, the 1740: 1 contrast ratio makes it all look pretty sharp.

The Galaxy A12’s display isn’t the worst – it’s about the same as the Moto G9 Power and Nokia 5.3. But, up to the specified Poco X3 NFC standard, this screen clearly falls short.

Galaxy A12 cameras

More recently, the set of three cameras in the Huawei P20 Pro seemed too large. Now, even on budget smartphones, we get more lenses. The Samsung Galaxy A12 has four main cameras on the back of the case.

Many would certainly prefer one really good camera like the Pixel 4a over a few mediocre ones. Be that as it may, there are four of them: 48-MP + 5-MP + 2-MP + 2-MP.

As you would expect from a device for this price, the quality of the footage is quite average. In bright light, the photos have good detail – they are quite suitable for social networks. Even when zooming in, you can make out the outlines of objects on distant objects.

But the Galaxy A12 suffers from the same problem that many budget smartphones have. Most likely, it is caused by the weak MediaTek processor. The bottom line is that it takes some time between pressing the shutter button and the actual shooting. At these moments, the objects in the frame have time to move, so the photograph is often blurred and unusable.

Do not expect miracles, and when shooting in dark conditions, noise appears, detail drops dramatically. Other modes are unlikely to be used often. If you want, you can use the macro camera for shooting at close range – the results will be quite acceptable.

The 8MP front camera is only suitable for selfies and video calls. By default, the appearance enhancement mode is active, and here it does not interfere too much. It can be turned off altogether or amplified.

Galaxy A12 cameras shoot video in 1080p and 720p at 30 fps, there is no 60 fps mode, as well as stabilization. When shooting on the go, the frame will shake non-stop, and when you try to take a panorama, the video content will turn into something blurry. Beginning bloggers should definitely look for something else.


On the software side, the Samsung Galaxy A12 received a stripped-down version of the overlay called One UI Core 2.5 – on top of Android 10.

One UI Core looks and feels like a full One UI on flagships, but it lacks many features like Edge Panel or Samsung Pay, although this smartphone has an NFC module.

In general, this is a system already familiar to many, although the stripped-down version has a number of its drawbacks. For example, you will be constantly advised to install recommended apps or games. It annoys me a little.


Do not think of the Samsung Galaxy A12 as a bad or bad smartphone. It has an incredible battery life and a two-tone design that I would have liked to see even on the company’s more expensive models.

The main disadvantage of the Galaxy A12 is high competition in the budget price segment. Therefore, the buyer has a choice of many better quality smartphones from other manufacturers. Perhaps the MediaTek Helio MT6765 processor was also the key problem. No other Samsung model with Exynos or Qualcomm chipsets has similar performance issues.


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