Samsung A11 Price in Pakistan 2020: A11 Review (25th August, 2020)

Samsung A11 Price in Pakistan 2020: A11 Review (25th August, 2020)
Samsung A11 Price in Pakistan 2020: A11 Review (25th August, 2020)

Samsung A11 Price in Pakistan 2020: A11 Review (25th August, 2020)

  1. Samsung A11 Price in Pakistan 2020: 21,500
  2. Samsung A11 price in usd: $130
  3. PTA tax on imported Samsung a11: 54,00

In the large Galaxy A family, the A11 is the most affordable smartphone. It is not shy, however, with its 4000 mAh, its 6.4-inch panel and its triple photo module.


The Galaxy A11 bills itself as the most accessible smartphone in Samsung’s popular Galaxy A line. It is a mobile with a simplified technical sheet. We still find a 6.4-inch IPS panel, a 4000 mAh battery and a triple photo module on the back. Launched at around 22,000, it directly faces the Xiaomi Redmi 9 , the Wiko View 4 or the Motorola Moto G8 Power Lite .

Ergonomics and design

With this Galaxy A11, Samsung offers a very classic copy. It is a smartphone with imposing dimensions (161.4 x 76.3 x 8.0 mm) despite a contained weight of 177 grams. The 6.4-inch screen takes up just over 81% of the front panel, blame it on a particularly thick bottom border. On the other hand, the punch is rather well integrated in the upper left corner of the mobile. The plastic back houses the triple photo module as well as the fingerprint sensor.

In hand, the Galaxy A11 is decent. The side volume and lock buttons, located on the right edge, are rather accessible, although a little high. On the back, the fingerprint sensor falls under the finger and is responsive. However, it will be difficult to operate the Galaxy A11 with one hand.

Capable of accommodating two nanoSIMs, the Galaxy A11 also offers a port for a microSD card of up to 512 GB. What offer a little air to the 32 GB of internal memory of the mobile. On its lower edge, a 3.5 mm mini-jack connector accompanies the USB-C charging port. However, no sealing certification is to be reported. It will therefore be necessary to beware of liquids and dust with this smartphone.


The Galaxy A11’s 3.5mm mini-jack connector is in the middle. It offers perfectly contained distortion, a fairly wide dynamic range and limited crosstalk. Unfortunately, it lacks power. Power guzzling headsets will make short work.

Located on the lower edge, the speaker of this Galaxy A11 is, to be honest, quite mediocre. In addition to having a limited volume, the sound emitted is crushed and saturated for an ultimately unpleasant rendering.


The Galayx A11 sports a 6.4-inch IPS panel with a 19.5: 9 ratio displaying 720 x 1560 px for a resolution of 268 dpi. This screen is generally very average. And unfortunately, Samsung does not offer any option to adjust the colorimetry. It will therefore be necessary to do with an average delta E of 3.9, indicating chromatic drifts visible to the naked eye. The color temperature is not ideal either, positioning itself at 8,366 K, far from the 6,500 K expected by the video standard. The Galaxy A11 therefore offers a bluer image than it should.

In terms of readability, this Galaxy A11 sins at night. Its minimum brightness only drops to 16.8 cd / m², a value much too high for reading your smartphone in the dark. The results are, however, more balanced during the day. The maximum brightness of the screen climbs to 419 cd / m² and allows good readability, even in direct sunlight, especially as the reflectance is contained (47%). Finally, the tactile delay (74 ms) and the afterglow time (16 ms) are average.


The Galaxy A11 has a Snapdragon 450 chip supported by 2 GB of RAM. A paraphernalia which turns out to be extremely limited, even in this range of mobiles; it thus only obtains an index 48 in multitasking, falling behind a Redmi 9 (89) or a Motorola G8 Power Lite (80). Its performance is therefore extremely limited and even prevents smooth navigation in menus or most office applications.

Samsung a11 camera review

On the back of the Galaxy A11, Samsung has positioned a trio of classic photo modules. There is thus a main wide-angle module, an ultra-wide-angle module, as well as a module dedicated to depth. The latter is used to help create the artificial bokeh in portrait mode.

In the rest of this part dedicated to the photo we will, as usual, compare the Galaxy A11 to the best of its direct competitors in this exercise. This is the Motorola Moto G8 Pro, but the latter does not have an ultra-wide-angle module, our Galaxy A11 will therefore be placed in front of the Wiko View 4, which is less good, but which has the same versatility.

Main module: 13 Mpx, f / 1.8, eq. 26 mm

By day, the wide-angle module of the Galaxy A11 offers just usable shots. Offering limited detail and aggressive image processing, it displays a smooth rendering. The colors also turn out to be slightly pale. Good point, however, the image quality does not decrease at the periphery.

Front Camera, video and portrait mode

The Galaxy A11 offers a front module with an 8 megapixel sensor supported by a lens opening at f / 1.8. This one offers extremely average results. Worse yet, the app suffers from annoying slowdowns. The images obtained are not very detailed, poorly exposed and ultimately not very flattering.

The portrait mode smooths the shot a little more but does not catch up with the problems raised. The artificial bokeh is unconvincing, whether with the front or rear modules. Finally the mobile manages to shoot in 1080 p without problem but with a random exposure.


With this Galaxy A11, Samsung offers a decent entry-level mobile, but still far from the competition. So, despite excellent battery life and a large screen, we will instead advise you to turn to a Motorola Moto G8 Power Lite , which is much more versatile.


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