Samsung A01 Review, Price: Latest Samsung under 15,000 2021

Samsung A01 Review
Samsung A01 Review

Samsung A01 Review, Price: Latest Samsung under 15,000 2021

Samsung Galaxy A01 Price in Pakistan is 14,000

Among smartphones, Samsung is best known for its Galaxy S and Galaxy Note lines. But, the manufacturer has entry-level and mid-range models – the Galaxy A line, which are cheaper. I came across the Samsung Galaxy A01 – one of the most budget phones from the manufacturer.

It has a nice design and an almost bezel-less display with high brightness, however, the processor is slow, there is very little memory and the quality of the cameras is mediocre. Even in this price segment, there are more successful models.

Design and appearance

At first glance at the Samsung Galaxy A01, you can understand that this is a budget smartphone. This gives out a plastic case and a small camera module. However, the gadget doesn’t look ugly. On the contrary, it has an attractive and compact design that many may find to their liking.

The device will easily fit into the pocket of your trousers when your hands are not tired after long-term use. The plastic back cover of Galaxy A01 has a matte black surface. It is covered with a small texture, which makes the device pleasant to hold in hands, and stains or prints will not be noticeable.

A slim vertical camera module is located in the upper left corner of the rear panel. Slightly lower in the middle is the Samsung logo. In the lower left corner there is a speaker grill. On the top you can find a headphone jack, on the bottom – a USB-C port for charging. On the left are the volume keys, on the right is the power button and a slot for a SIM card and microSD card. All keys are thin and easy to reach with your fingers.

I didn’t mention the fingerprint reader because the A01 doesn’t have one. This is a pretty big drawback considering that the scanner is found even on cheaper smartphones. In terms of reliability, the Galaxy A01 is not much different from other models in the budget segment. There is no IP protection, so this device is not immune from falls and bad weather.

Smartphone display

The screen in the Samsung Galaxy A01 is a 5.7-inch LCD panel with a drop for the front camera. The bezels around the display are small, the brightness is high, and the viewing angles are wide.

The display resolution is 1520 × 720 with a pixel density of 294 ppi. If we take a closer look at the panel, we can see that the icons and text are a little blurry, however, during everyday use this is invisible. The rest of the screen is unremarkable.

Galaxy A01 cameras

The main camera module of the Samsung Galaxy A01 consists of two sensors: a 13MP wide-angle sensor (f / 2.2) and a 2MP depth sensor (f / 2.4). The front camera has a 5MP f / 2.2 aperture.

Photos come out pretty good only in bright light. If there is little light, the pictures look flat and very blurry. The same can be said for the front camera. In the dark, noise cancellation is overly aggressive and detail becomes very low.

There is also a Live Focus mode that allows you to change the intensity of the bokeh effect in portrait shots. In theory, it should work better with the main camera as a separate depth sensor helps. In practice, the photos have almost no background blur, although the front camera shots have a good effect in bright light.

The Galaxy A01 camera can record 1080p video. The quality is crisp and quite sharp, but the phone lacks any image stabilization, so the footage won’t be smooth if you move when shooting.


The operating system of the Galaxy A01 is Android 10 with Samsung’s One UI 2 shell. It has a number of unique features: reverse order of the navigation buttons, updated settings, and a set of useful apps.

However, I am missing one feature: the “Easy” mode, which is found on most other Samsung smartphones. It allows you to create a simplified interface suitable for children, older users or those who do not need an abundance of functions. Without that mode, the Samsung Galaxy A01 is much less suited to the role of a budget smartphone that can be bought for a child.

Another problem is that the Galaxy A01 is unlikely to receive the Android 11 update. In 2020, Samsung promised three years of updates for most Galaxy models, but the A01 was not among them.


It is hardly worth expecting much from a smartphone that costs 14,000 pkr, but the Samsung Galaxy A01 is in many ways inferior to its main competitors in the price segment. Yes, the display is bright and the battery life is good, but there are no more advantages to this gadget. The Snapdragon 439 processor barely copes with the main part of the tasks when the built-in memory for installing applications is very small.


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