Realme X50 Pro Best Price in Pakistan 2020: PTA tax on Realme X50 Pro

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Realme X50 Pro Best Price in Pakistan 2020: PTA tax on Realme X50 Pro

Realme X50 Pro price in Pakistan: Rs. 89,999

PTA tax on Realme X50 Pro: 41,000

Realme X50 Pro price in usd: $539

We have already witnessed that realme can keep up with the big manufacturers with their previous devices. And also with the realme X50 Pro, they show once again how to build a great smartphone with an excellent price-performance ratio. 

The X50 Pro has the latest Snapdragon processor and has a large display. The quad camera can be used to take particularly beautiful photos because you are prepared for all eventualities.

High performance in an elegant guise

You can definitely rely on the best performance of the realme X50. The Qualcomm Snapdragon 865 , currently one of the fastest smartphone processors in the world, clocks at lightning-fast 2.84 gigahertz . With internal memory and working memory you can choose from two different versions. 

The small version can convince with eight gigabytes of RAM and an internal memory of 128 gigabytes . The alternative version goes a little further and boasts a working memory of twelve gigabytes . The internal memory has a capacity of 256 gigabytes .

In order to be able to use some of this fantastic performance for as long as possible, the realme X50 Pro has a powerful battery with a capacity of 4200 mAh . This battery can be charged via the USB-C port with lightning-fast SuperDart Charge. This quick charge variant can charge a full 65 watts . So the smartphone is quickly ready for use again.

This smartphone also gives you access to the 5G network . This means that data can be downloaded at lightning speed, films can be streamed and is always online. You can find more information on this in our Article 5G – the most important questions and facts .

Display with a high refresh rate

You can choose from two different colors on the realme X50 Pro: Moss Green and Rust Red. Of course, both versions are also available in different storage variants. The large Super AMOLED display is on the front. With a full 6.44-inch diagonal, it extends across the entire front and leaves hardly any space for edges. Only in the upper left corner is a small recess for the dual front camera.

In addition, the AMOLED display of the realme X50 Pro can also convince with rich color displays and good contrasts. This is also confirmed by the HDR10 + certification. Another highlight of this screen is the refresh rate of 90 Hertz . This means that games, videos and image sequences appear much smoother.

Four lenses for the best photo

The quad camera of the realme X50 Pro is prepared for everything. The main camera takes photos in 64 megapixels . With this high resolution, a 20x zoom is possible without losing a lot of image details. The second sensor takes ultra wide-angle and macro shots with a resolution of eight megapixels . This allows you to get very close to small objects in order to be able to take detailed pictures, such as insects or flowers.

The third lens in the group is a telephoto lens . With twelve megapixels , distant objects can be brought up close and beautiful detail shots can be taken. The last lens is a portrait camera with two megapixels . This is an assistant camera for the others, with which you can professionally work out background blur and bokeh effects. The combination of these four lenses guarantees an optimal photo.

The front camera consists of two sensors, a wide-angle lens with 32 megapixels and an ultra-wide-angle lens with eight megapixels . Both cameras are located in the small punchhole, which is located in the upper left corner of the display. So you can also take beautiful self-portraits, snapshots or videos for social media platforms.

The realme X50 Pro is a good smartphone at a recommendable price. You get an optically well-designed mobile phone with a large display and beautiful colors. There is also the best Snapdragon performance with 5G and a quad camera. With this device, it is definitely worth trusting a lesser-known manufacturer.


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