Realme c11 update price in Pakistan 2020: C11 Review

Realme c11 update price in Pakistan 2020: C11 Review
Realme c11 update price in Pakistan 2020: C11 Review

Realme c11 update price in Pakistan 2020: C11 Review

  1. Realme C11 Price in Pakistan is: Price: Rs. 16,999
  2. Realme c11 price in usd is: $100

Still relatively quite familiar in Pakistan, the Realme brand continues to supply the market with mobiles in all price segments. The Realme C11 is approaching 16,999 pkr and has revealed its secrets to us in this comprehensive test.


We do not find so many references in this segment of smartphones under 150 €. Yet the Realme C11 is one of them. It offers a 6.5-inch IPS screen (720 x 1560 px) in 20: 9 format, a MediaTek Helio G35 SoC associated with 2 GB of RAM and 32 GB internal storage (expandable via microSD), or even a 5,000 mAh battery. The photo part is satisfied with a simple sensor of 13 Mpx (f / 2.2), supported by a depth sensor (2 Mpx). At the front, it’s a 5 Mpx camera that officiates. A mobile that faces a benchmark like the Xiaomi Redmi 8A .

Ergonomics and design

With a budget of less than 150 € for a smartphone, it was difficult to find aesthetically convincing mobiles a few years ago. With the rise of Chinese manufacturers and the war they are waging on these market segments, more and more pretty references are adorning the catalogs. Obviously, you have to make some concessions on materials or functionality.

For example, this Realme C11 is dressed entirely in plastic, something common on this range. A back that however sports a pretty metallic gray color, as well as a non-slip coating which makes it easier to grip. Small aesthetic detail: a smooth strip runs the length of the mobile and reveals the mark. A square photo block is located on the upper left corner. At the front, the screen offers 81.7% occupancy of the facade. A notch in the format of a drop of water houses the 5 MP camera.

What other concessions are there to make? We can cite jumbled up the integration of a micro-USB port – no USB-C -, an inevitable lack of sealing, that of a gyroscope, or even – and above all! – that of a fingerprint reader. With this phone, you will have to opt for a more basic unlocking system. On the other hand, the phone incorporates a microSD port, a dual-SIM cart and a mini-jack.


The built-in mini-jack is of decent quality. The output power is average (116 mVrms), the distortion is very low (0.002%), the dynamic range is good (96 dB), and only the crosstalk is a little behind (-82 dB)


When it comes to screens, the Realme C11 is happy with the bare minimum, but it does it well. Its screen is IPS LCD type with a 6.5-inch panel with a definition of 720 x 1560 px, and a 20: 9 format. The results obtained are frankly convincing for a mobile of this caliber, once the color temperature is set to the full right on “half-warm”.

We measure a maximum brightness of 418 cd / m², comfortable enough for consultation in the sun, and a minimum brightness of 1.2 cd / m², very good for using the phone in the dark. The color temperature – after adjustment – is 6730 K and the default dE is 3.6 – a guarantee of good colorimetry. The glare rate is contained at 46.3%, afterglow is 15ms, and the touch delay is only 71ms. A homogeneous whole.


In memory, this is the first time that it is simply impossible for us to run our test protocol on a mobile. We are therefore not allowed to measure our precious indices in multitasking and in-game. As a result, we have awarded this Realme C11 a rating of 2 stars, which corresponds to the forecasts we had for it, with regard to the SoC used and of RAM.

To go into more detail, our game protocol – which also could not be completed – showed a low display frequency and our tests on mobile games like PUBG or Fortnite were not more conclusive: minimum level of graphics, display bugs, slowdowns …


The Realme C11 is not in the top when it comes to camera equipment. It is satisfied with a block made up of two modules, one of which is depth displaying 2 Mpx (f / 2.4). The main module is a 13 Mpx model opening at f / 2.2.

Main module (13 Mpx, f / 2.2)

In our test scene, this photo module showed several things. First of all, there is a certain geometric distortion of the scene, which really bothered us when it came to taking quite straight shots. If this is not annoying on a daily basis, this defect may disturb when taking architectural or landscape shots.

Front sensor, portrait mode, and video

The front sensor of this mobile does not allow to obtain particularly exciting selfies, the fault of a very poor dynamic. The portrait mode offers a rather rough cut of the subjects. As for the Full HD video mode, it has difficulties in terms of focus, stability and dynamics.


The Realme C11 is therefore a fairly classic entry-level smartphone, which benefits from a good screen and excellent battery life. For the rest, it aligns with the competition in terms of pure performance, or quality of photographs. Still, some choices are troubling, such as the lack of a fingerprint reader. The Xiaomi Redmi 8A seems a more balanced option on this price range


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