PTA Tax on Samsung Note 20: How much tax on note 20 plus & Note 20 Ultra?

pta tax on Samsung note 20
pta tax on Samsung note 20

PTA Tax on Samsung Note 20: How much tax on note 20 plus & Note 20 Ultra?

Samsung note 20 plus, and note 20 ultra specs review, leaks, and expected price in Pakistan

How much pta tax on Samsung note 20?

Samsung Note 20 price in PakistanPta tax on Samsung note 20

How much pta tax on new Samsung note 20 plus?

Samsung Note 20 Plus price in PakistanPta tax on Samsung Note 20 plus

How much Pta tax on Samsung Note 20 ultra?

Samsung Note 20 ultra Price in Pakistan 2020PTa Tax on Samsung Note 20 Ultra

Note: PTA mobile phone duties are applicable on imported mobile phone devices only. Moreover, you can save 25% pta tax on your imported device by registering within 60 days after arrival in Pakistan. To read more about pta and fbr mobile tax faqs, click here

The successor to the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will probably not be called Galaxy Note 11 but rather Galaxy Note 20. Samsung is expected to introduce the new Note model in August 2020. Until then, we collect all the news and rumors that we learn about the topic in this article. Here you will find information on specs, release date and price.

July 13, 2020

Processor for the Galaxy Note 20: New Snapdragon, but old Exynos

While there was still hope in April that Samsung would equip the upcoming Note 20 smartphones with the new Exynos 992 in the 6 nm process, this now seems to have been shattered. There is currently no evidence of a new Exynos processor, according to Max Weinbach , who examined the current firmware from Samsung. Accordingly, the Galaxy Note 20 should be equipped with the Samsung Exynos 990, which is already used in the Galaxy S20. 

The situation is different for the models that are supplied with Qualcomm processors. Because in One UI 2.5 there should be references to the new Snapdragon 865+. This does not guarantee that it will actually be installed on the Note 20 models, but in contrast to the Exynos 992, Samsung is already planning to use the Snapdragon 865+.

In Europe, Samsung typically uses its own Exynos processor for its flagships. The models in the USA, on the other hand, are delivered with Qualcomm processors.

Hands-on video: YouTuber leaks Galaxy Note 20

Just under a month before the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event in August , at which the model will probably be presented, the YouTube channel “Jimmy is Promo” released a hands-on video that shows the new Samsung Galaxy Note 20 should.

In the video, the product called Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is compared to a Note 10. Although the focus of the leak is mainly on the outside, there is also a brief insight into the menu of the operating system.

Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Leak

Galaxy Note 20: Image showed up on Samsung website

Samsung apparently leaked a picture of the Galaxy Note 20 itself. Leaker Max Weinbach discovered the picture of a previously unknown smartphone with S-Pen on the Russian Samsung website. The image is still available via a direct link . The URL says “galaxy-note8”. The page on which the image was apparently previously embedded also revolved around Note 8.

The render image of the Samsung website shows the smartphone in the color Mystic Bronze from behind. A large camera module with three lenses and another sensor underneath the flash can be seen. In addition, an S-Pen is shown on the picture, which is also in bronze.

Meanwhile, an impression of the front is given by pictures of protective films that should fit the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. Leaker Ice Universe published this. This shows that the Note 20 Ultra has very narrow edges and probably also a slightly curved display. However, there is no information about the placement of the front camera.

Galaxy Note 20: 120 Hz display only on the Ultra model?

Gradually, other rumors about the Galaxy Note 20 leak out. Leaker Ice Universe posted some information on Twitter. Accordingly, the Galaxy Note 20 should get a flat screen with FullHD resolution and 60 Hz refresh rate. QHD resolution and 120 Hz display, on the other hand, are said to be available on the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra . In addition, the Note 20 Ultra should get a 50x zoom . 

What exactly is meant by the Note 20 Ultra is not clear from the tweets. Previous rumors assumed that the Note 20 should not have an Ultra model. Is this a third higher quality model or is it the smartphone previously traded as the Galaxy Note 20 Plus?

The latter is more likely, probably the same as the plus name. In another tweet, Ice Universe speaks of a camera comparison of Note 20 and Note 20 Ultra . You can see pictures of protective covers, what is particularly interesting is the comparison of the cutouts for the camera module. The text in the pictures describes the models as Note 20 and Note 20 Plus. Ultimately, however, these are probably only speculations of the cover manufacturer, if they are authentic at all.

Galaxy Note 20 Plus: First render images

First render images show what the Galaxy Note 20 Plus could look like. The well-known Leaker Steve Hemmerstoffer ( @OnLeaks ) published the pictures together with Pigtou . According to the leak, the larger of the two Note 20 models should have dimensions of 165 x 77.2 x 7.6 millimeters. It would be a little longer, but also a little thinner than the Galaxy Note 10+. The display is said to be slightly larger at 6.9 inches.

The design is strongly based on the predecessor, there should be no major differences here. The display of the Note 20 Plus should be slightly curved, but that of the Note 20 should be flat. The punch hole for the front camera remains, there will probably not be a camera under the display yet.

The biggest optical difference is the camera module on the back. It should be based on the S20 camera and thus be larger than the Galaxy Note 10. According to the Leaks, the Galaxy Note 20 Plus has three camera lenses one below the other, one of which is supposed to be a periscope lens. Next to it, below the flash, there is said to be a depth camera consisting of a small lens and a sensor.

There were also leaks for the smaller Galaxy Note 20, but for the time being they are less detailed. A CAD file published by Leaker Ice Universe shows a rough preview of the design. Here you can see three camera lenses on the back and another recess, which is supposed to represent the flash.

Galaxy Note 20 Plus with 4,500 mAh battery and 108 MP camera

After there were already indications in April of the battery of the Galaxy Note 20, which like the Galaxy S20 should hold 4,000 mAh, new information about the larger model has now emerged. As reported by GalaxyClub , the Galaxy Note 20 Plus should get a 4,500 mAh battery. That would be as much as the Galaxy S20 +. 

GalaxyClub also provides new information about the camera of the Galaxy Note 20 Plus . Like the Galaxy S20 Ultra, the larger Note model should also have a 108 MP sensor. It is not yet clear whether it is the same sensor as the S20 Ultra. The remaining structure of the camera module is also not yet known. A camera structure similar to the Galaxy S20 + may replace the periscope zoom. So far there is no reliable information.

May 12, 2020

Galaxy Note 20: Power-saving OLED display with 120 Hz

Samsung will probably introduce Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Note 20+ in the summer. There should not be a Note 20 Ultra. Ross Young , founder of Display Supply Chain Consultants, reports  on Twitter. The well-known Leaker Ice Universe confirms his statements, which also reveal some details about the displays.

Both models should grow slightly compared to their predecessors. The display of the Galaxy Note 20 should measure 6.42 inches (instead of 6.3 inches) with a resolution of 2,345 x 1,084 pixels and an aspect ratio of 19.5: 9. The display of the Note 20+ should grow from 6.8 inches to 6.87 inches, with 3,096 x 1,444 pixels and 19.3: 9 aspect ratio.

Both models are said to use a low-power LTPO OLED display with a refresh rate of 120 Hz. The refresh rate should also be able to be reduced if necessary in order to save the battery.


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