PTA releases latest alert on fake phone registration at airport

PTA tells consumers to not trust anybody who claims to register imei no in PTA at airport. There are only two verified methods of pta dirbs phone registration.

fake phone registeration at airport - phone bech dou

PTA releases latest alert on fake phone registration at airport

A number of customs office agents are involved in Fake pta mobile registration 

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has warned international travelers in its latest press release that there is no pta mobile registration system at airport. Customs officials are only allowed to enroll personal information.

This alert was released as soon as PTA got news about the involvement of customs department agents who were involved in sharing traveler’s personal data to mobile dealers and smugglers that was being used for pta device verification.

Similarly, Pakistan Telecommunication Authority and Federal Board of revenue was getting news about illegal to register imei no in pta at airport. Later, after investigation; shocking news appeared when FIA arrested few customs officials who were invoking people to register phones through their pta device verification system.

PTA has released many press releases and awareness programs about pta device verification system and how to register imei no in pta. According to PTA, there are only 2 authentic methods to register mobile phones under pta registration system:

  1. Mobile device registration via
  2. Mobile device registration at franchisee centre of cellular mobile operators


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