PTA and FIA join hands to curb down illegal phone registration

By finding the news of passengers’ data theft; PTA and FIA is working together to stop illegal phone registration in Pakistan.

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PTA and FIA join hands to curb down illegal phone registration

PTA takes notices of theft of travel details for phone registration

After receiving a number of complaints regarding illegal phone registration in Pakistan; PTA has asked for FIA cooperation to fix this black unfair trade. According to the PTA press release, it has been noticed that there are some agents working on airport who deliver passengers’ personal information to register phone device. It is done to avoid tax on imported smartphones.

In May 2019, fake phone registration issue was raised in senate committee too where it was suggested to suspend PTA phone registration for international travelers  .

Since Government officials have taken notice of illegal phone registration activities, PTA has planned a strategy to curb down illegal import mobile registration. PTA has also warned customer to not follow any free phone registration process in its press release.—buy-only-pta-approved-mobile-devices-030619

In its latest press release, PTA urges people to:

  • Buy only PTA approved devices
  • Use only authorized passport/CNIC to register mobile phone

PTA has also warned that if any person is found in illegal phone registration; serious legal action will be taken.

How to register mobile phone with PTA?

You can follow this site to register phone with PTA:


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