Phone hotspot doesn’t work on my computer – what to do?

phone hotspot not working, my android phone hotspot is not working on computer, how to connect mobile hotspot to computer
phone hotspot not working, my android phone hotspot is not working on computer, how to connect mobile hotspot to computer

Phone hotspot doesn’t work on my computer – what to do?

A cell phone hotspot turns the smartphone into a mobile WLAN router that enables other devices such as computers and laptops to use the smartphone’s mobile data. The devices can access the Internet via a WLAN connection.

Simply select the WiFi network made accessible by the mobile phone and enter the optional security password. However, what to do if your computer won’t connect to the cell phone hotspot? We list the most common reasons.

Wrong access password

The personal mobile phone hotspot should contain the password so that undesired people do not use your mobile data. You can change the password to any character string in the hotspot settings of your smartphone. You can also edit the device name that is displayed in the list of WLAN access points on the computer. When entering the password on your computer, make sure you are using the correct upper and lower case letters.

Problem with the network card

The network card is an automated, integrated Windows tool that is responsible for connecting the computer to the Internet. If you have problems with the cell phone hotspot not connecting to your computer, first check your network card drivers. Don’t forget to keep them updated.

To check the drivers for the network card, open the search engine in the start menu and enter “find and fix problems with the network card”. You should then see a window titled “Troubleshooting Computers”. Click “Next” to start the scan which detects errors.

Driver update

Always download new drivers from the network card manufacturer’s official website , which also provides installation instructions. You can also perform the installation through Device Manager by going to the Network Cards tab. Right click on the driver name and select the update option. Then restart your computer. If your computer cannot connect to the Internet at all, download the driver from another computer and transfer it to a compatible disk.

Restore the old driver for the network card

Sometimes the computer cannot be connected to the cell phone hotspot due to an incorrect network card update. An error occurs when the manufacturer provides a faulty update, but also in a situation where errors occur while downloading the update, e.g. B. with Internet network. In this case, try to restore the old driver for the network card. You can do this by going to Device Manager and selecting the network card from the list. Right click on the name of your network card and look for “Properties”.

After you have called up the properties of the network card, look for the “Driver” tab and select “Restore driver”. Then you should restart your computer. If the option is inactive, there is no driver, so you cannot restore the network card settings. If so, you can check the manufacturer’s website for an older driver. After restoring the previous driver, also disable automatic network card updates.

Make a new connection

If you’re still having issues with cell phone hotspot, it may be due to an authentication error. If so, try deleting the current connection, and then making a new one. For example, you can change the cell phone hotspot security key and select the option to connect to a new network on your computer

Turn off the firewall and anti-virus software

An anti-virus program that is too restrictive will sometimes prevent hotspot connections. If you have problems connecting through a mobile access point, you should temporarily turn off antivirus software and firewalls. This of course applies to the trustworthy smartphone hotspot. Don’t forget to turn the software back on after the connection has ended.

Turn off bluetooth

3. Cell phone hotspot does not work on my computer – what to do?

On some computers and laptops, proper wireless LAN operation can interfere with Bluetooth connectivity . You can try turning off bluetooth to fix the problem. To do this, go to the Bluetooth settings via the system tray search engine and just turn it off.

Check the wireless adapter

Sometimes difficult access to the cell phone hotspot can be due to a faulty WiFi adapter on your computer . Use the operating system command line to verify that the adapter is working properly. Enter “CMD” in the system tray of the search engine and select the “Command Line” option. Give

Enter the command “NETSH WLAN show drivers” and press Enter. Use the results to verify that your hotspot is supported. If it turns out that it doesn’t, it means that the WiFi adapter does not have the hotspot function. In this case, you will need to buy a new adapter.


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