Oppo Find X2 Pro Price in Pakistan 2020 PTA tax on find x2 oppo


Oppo Find X2 Pro Price in Pakistan 2020 PTA tax on find x2 oppo

  1. OPPO Find X2 Pro price in Pakistan is 119,400
  2. price in usd is: $704
  3. PTA tax on OPPO Find X2 Pro: 41,000

Over the years, although domestic manufacturers have occupied most of the mobile phone market, our general impression of domestic models is the civilian route, which is cost-effective every day. However, you must also know that several major domestic head manufacturers are also continuing to build their top flagships, such as the OPPO Find X series. The Find X technology surprised four people the year before, and now the sequel Find X2 Pro is finally here. Can it be updated? Further? Let us wait and see.

Hyperbolic screen, very narrow chin

I have to admit that in recent years, no matter how the shape of mobile phones has changed, the market’s enthusiasm for the screen-to-body ratio has not diminished in the slightest. The existence of the forehead is no longer tolerated, and the under-screen camera is temporarily difficult to achieve. Manufacturers have made various attempts in the first two years, and finally they have formed the current optimal solution of overall cost and look and feel balance-digging screen. Although the front of Find X2 Pro is far less stunning than Find X, the digging screen saves space and makes the body thinner and lighter.

Oppo Find X2 Pro Exterior

The back is very delicate, and the visual feel must be grasped, so there is a tea orange peel. Its matte surface and texture, suitable damping and skin-friendly, not only more comfortable and lighter than general plastic or glass.

And because of the existence of PU plain leather, the source of inspiration for ID has finally been expanded. You can learn from the concept of leather goods. Find X2 Pro absorbs the metal logo elements that are common in the leather industry. The metal high-gloss logo sheet in the lower left corner and the matte style of the leather surface can be said to complement each other, successfully creating a sense of luxury.

The best screen in the industry today

The OPPO Find X2 Pro’s screen is undoubtedly the best in the industry today, not one of them. I’ve seen Samsung E3 AMOLED, 120Hz refresh, 240Hz sampling, flexible screen, and QHD resolution. But it’s really amazing to have these things in one. See you again.

Find X2 Pro’s manual maximum brightness of 526nit and excitation maximum brightness of 833nit belong to the top level. Brightness is a very critical indicator. The higher the brightness, the more transparent the screen will look. At the same time, high brightness also means that it can achieve a greater range of brightness, which is what HDR often says on the screen.

Oppo Find X2 Pro ppi density

The color gamut itself represents the range of colors displayed on the screen. The larger the color gamut, the more vivid the color will be in theory, which will please the eye to a certain extent, but some people think it is too distorted. Whether it looks good or not is a more subjective concept. We tested it under sRGB, DCI-P3 and NTSC respectively. Find X2 Pro has P3 color gamut in Cinema mode, and sRGB color gamut in Soft mode.
Color accuracy is the place that OLED has been criticized before. It refers to the accuracy of the screen display color. The smaller the deviation value, the more accurate the color. In the past two years, mobile phone manufacturers have paid more and more attention to this indicator. Find X2 Pro is a normal level in vivid mode, but it can achieve about 1 in soft theater mode, which is indeed very rare.


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