Oppo Find x Review

with a stream of latest premium mobile phones, Oppo find x is the newest smartphone carries exotic features. To know its dominant features and design, read Oppo find x review.

oppo find x review

World’s first panoramic design phone

Oppo Find X- A new stylish addition with decent hardware integration

Oppo latest premium smartphones flagship carries premium class phones; with elegance in style, robust performance, and up to the mark hardware integration, these phones have earned their place on the top of latest premium phones with advanced functions and technology. As we have seen a robust change in newest phones, for instance; Samsung and Huawei have made some superior class changes in their latest smartphones like, in Samsung Galaxy Fold; it comes with 12GB of RAM and Huawei p30 pro has 40 Megapixels Leica technology.

In short, paving a ground towards a new era in the smartphone industry will compel other phone manufacturing companies too to follow the same path that will automatically decrease older phone model prices.

Oppo Find X Panoramic Arc Screen display & design review

Bringing a revolution in smartphone display, Oppo has released a first of its own kind panoramic phone that comes with a front panoramic screen. It has 6.4 inches screen size with 93.8% screen ratio. What we see in its design is its pursuit to complete perfection as extraordinary phone handling with zero holes on screen can be the point of attraction in the mass of mobiles world.  Coming to Oppo Find X design; it is quite elegant that comes in a range of exciting colors: Glacier blue, and Bordeaux. Both colors deliver a stunning gleam that will bring a reflection of gem in your mind. Its sliding structure may look like risky due to its fall design but the company claims to test its durability for 300,000+ Times.

Oppo Find x stealth 3d camera review

Installing stealth 3d camera may look different and unique but it is built on some gorgeous features:

  • a range of intricate sensors
  • front camera
  • 3D face recognition system ( quick adaptability and recognition- instantly unlock screen using 3D FACE UNLOCKING FEATURE)

Oppo FindX is the first Android phone using 3D structured light technology that uses 15,000 intelligent analyses and facial dot recognition that is much faster than finger print scanner. So in the terms of unlocking speed it will outclass other phone using finger print sensor scanner.

  • Rear dual cameras

25 Megapixels selfie camera has an intelligent integrated feature that start analyzing your pace the moment you are ready to take selfies. By deeply analyzing eyes, face, nose, it delivers brilliant pictures. With balancing lights, it personalizes your photo experience naturally without a single blur.

AI-enhanced Dual Camera- Be a professional photographer

Oppo Find X rear camera has dual lens and Al scene recognition technology that captures in-depth details. Photo-shoot your great stories with seamless cameras.

Oppo Find X performance Review

As, it is mentioned earlier, latest smartphones are coming with greater RAM, chipset, and storage capacity; Oppo Find X has super-fast 8GB of RAM, 256GB internal storage, and a powerful 845 snapdragon processor. If we analyze all these features, we will come to know that 8GB of RAM with latest snapdragon chipset, executions are not only faster, but all kind of mobile operations will be on super drive. The chipset efficiency matters a lot in mobile performance ass it plays a crucial role in boosting hardware performance. Whether it is LTE support, RAM capacity, or camera quality; chipset is the core figure. Moreover, 3730mAH battery will not put you in a situation while playing games or using your device for endless hours.

SuperVOOC flash charge with Oppo FindX Lamborghini edition

Oppo mobile has featured its top racing Car Company Lamborghini edition and designed its logo on the back of the phone. This logo features phone superVOOC charging power that will recharge your device in 35 minutes. Though, it seems a good effort to symbolize mobile charging speed by placing racing car monogram but the act is, latest phones are coming with super charge feature already.

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Facebook caption: Oppo Find X Lamborghini edition charges phone in 35 minutes only


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