Oppo f9 latest price & hidden tips and tricks

Oppo f9 has maintained the price since it is launched in Pakistan. If you own oppo f9, just read the article and grasp some of most exciting features.

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Oppo f9 latest price & hidden tips and tricks

Top 5 Oppo f9 customization features

Oppo f9 latest price: The updated Oppo f9 price in Pakistan is Rs. 36,999

Oppo f9 flash charge- A quick overview

The famous 5 minute charge 2 hour talk means Oppo f9 is here. Before staring its some of the most attractive features, we have updated Oppo f9 latest price in this article. Oppo f9 got public attention quickly due to its prominent characteristics like its VOOC technology. VOOC technology is energy efficient and enables device for quick charging. Why people prefer to buy phone like oppo f9 as such devices come with the finest quality. What we have seen in many smartphones that the fast charging option damages phone performance and makes it hot. But in oppo f9 flash charge option comes with 5 layer protection that is a genuine safeguard.

Oppo f9 hidden tips and tricks

Save battery life in oppo f9

By turning on power saving mode on in oppo f9, you can save its battery. There are multiple other option available too to save your phone battery. Go to oppo f9 settings and adjust screen brightness. Screen brightness is a major reason behind consumption of phone battery. Similarly, turn off unnecessary apps in multitasking.

Enable kids mode in oppo f9

If you are worried about certain apps that your children can access, opp f9 gives kids mode feature where you can turn it on and limit the access of your children to some specific apps.

Solve notification error in oppo f9

If you are unable to receive notifications of some apps, oppo f9 battery saver mode has blocked notifications perhaps. To solve app notification error, go to settings, tap battery saver option and turn on notification of the app you are looking for.

Oppo f9 screen off gestures

Oppo f9 allows its user the easiest customization. You need to go to settings, and enable motion and gestures feature. Set your own pattern to operate any app.

Oppo share- easiest way to share files

Oppo share is quite exciting feature that comes in with all oppo phones almost. If your family members are friends have oppo phone, you can send huge files by just single swapping and sharing.

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